Liberia: A Musical Giant Passes Away

..... In celebration of the Life of Comrade Anthony "Experience" Nagbe

During this week, the Liberian Musician Anthony "Experience" Nagbe passed away. He was the Founding Leader of the Musical Group called Tijajlu, meaning Youth on the Rise in the Liberian language, Kraowihn, wrongly called Kru. 

He was called Experience because he shared his vast knowledge about Liberia and other parts of Africa with many people here and abroad, coming from Kloh Daye-Daye Kpor (New Kru Town in Kraowihn). 

Experience was his name and he shared his knowledge to help in solving problems through music. This way of solving problems made him a Musical Giant, as heard in the many songs that he composed, especially the song Africa Must Unite. 

This song tells the Truth about the longstanding and widespread problem of poverty in Liberia and other parts of Africa, making it impossible to solve the poverty problem without uniting the suffering people of Africa to struggle against the powerful transnational corporations that continue to control Liberia and other parts of Africa. 

This song and other awareness-raising songs were sung by Tijajlu with the Lead Voice of the late Comrade Dugbe Tanneh under the direction of Experience. 

This way of raising awareness became a most important part of the work of the Movement for Justice in Africa (MOJA). In this work, many ways have to be used in raising the awareness of the people of Liberia and other parts of Africa. 

Some people can not read and write but when they hear music, they become motivated to act. The Tijajlu music motivates people to work together through the Rule of Law to transform the UNFAIR electoral system into the FAIR electoral system. 

It is only through this transformation that persons with good records can get elected to exercise leadership in taking action to move Liberia and other African countries from poverty generation to poverty alleviation.

Yes, the song Africa Must Unite is very helpful in raising awareness about how Africa continues to produce raw materials for export without any prioritization of Value Addition. 

It is Value Addition that gets us to use human resources as the most important resource instead of financial resources and natural resources. The prevailing money-driven posture continues to be basked in corruption that promotes poverty generation instead of poverty alleviation. 

Although Comrade Anthony "Experience" Nagbe has passed away, his work shall not pass away because of the awareness-raising content in his work and the impact that it continues to make in making lives better.

Comrade Experience did not know any Big Book but he had plenty of sense. His sense led him to spread his knowledge through music to raise awareness among people to motivate them to work together non-violently, through the Rule of Law, to transform the electoral system. 

So, this is good news because most of the people in Liberia and other parts of Africa do not know Big Book but have the chance to change conditions from bad to good.