Liberia: Montserrado Supt Wants Mining Policy Reviewed

Florence Brandy

Liberia: Montserrado Supt Wants Mining Policy Reviewed

The Superintendent of Montserrado County, Florence Brandy has called for revision of policy governing the country's alluvial mining sector.

The review, the Superintendent said, is needed to act on new measures that would lead to the curtailment of the proliferation of illicit mining activities since the practice is becoming uncontrollable, which existing legislation cannot find. 

“I hope the Mines and Energy Ministry will revisit the mining policy, as was done in the energy sector, because the issue of mining activities is so bad in the country,” Brandy said.

“Once we revisit the Mining Policy as was done in the energy sector, at least we will be able to change some things or add new ones to guide us,” she said. “All along the St. Paul River bank, people are carrying on mining. If you move this group, another will come.”

Sup. Brandy, on the sideline of the nationwide consultations on the draft revised ‘National Energy Policy,’ argued that the proliferation of alluvial mining is becoming uncontrollable, citing Montserrado as a primary example. She explained that rural Montserrado, especially along the banks of the St. Paul River has become devastated by mining activities, with a huge daily influx of illicit miners.

The proliferation of illicit mining is said to be undermining the national economy, according to some experts. Experts have regretted that most of the proceeds from these illicit mining activities are smuggled out of the country.

It is reported that huge numbers of Ghanaians and other nationals from the south regional countries enter Liberia every year to carry on illicit gold mining The Ministry of Mines and Energy last week conducted a weeklong consultative meeting on the draft 2022 revised  policy under the theme, ‘Building Resilient Energy Sector for Prosperity and Development in Ganta, Nimba County. ’