Liberia: MoE Hails Deputy Speaker for Completion, Construction of Schools

Deputy Speaker Koffa.

The Ministry of Education detachment in Grand Kru County has “congratulated” the Deputy Speaker, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, for the completion of two elementary schools in Chemgbetee, Dorboh and Sasstown, Jroa Statutory Districts, respectively.

MoE-Grand Kru also hailed the Grand Kru County District #2 Representative for the ongoing construction of two elementary schools in Buah Taybue and Wropluken, which are about 95% and 55% complete, respectively.

Speaking on behalf of the county, the Grand Kru County Education Officer, Mr. Notwane Karmaih, on Tuesday, April 12, during the ongoing 13th County Development Sitting, said that education helps to achieve the political, economic, social, moral and cultural aspirations and it leads the county and the country at large toward advancement as well as fosters national development.

In addition to the two completed and furnished schools and the ongoing erection of two schools, the Deputy Speaker has broken ground for the construction of two schools in Kayken Community, Barclayville, valued at about US$75,000.00.

Political pundits in Grand Kru indicated that the Deputy Speaker is the only lawmaker who has constructed and constructed schools as mentioned in a report during the 13th County Sitting.

Meanwhile, the County Health Officer (CHO), Dr. J. Woyee S. Wreh, has announced during the County Sitting on that the Buah Jerboken Clinic is set to open to the public on May 2. The Clinic was dedicated by the Deputy Speaker on March 29.

  It may be recalled, the Buah Jerboken Clinic was constructed by Senator Dr. Peter Coleman, but has not been put into use and went into disrepair over the years.

Making a report during the 13th County Development  Sitting in Barclayville, Dr. Wreh expressed thanks and appreciation to Deputy Speaker Koffa for providing over US$11,000 for the renovation and activation (operations and management) and essential drugs and tools (equipment) for  Buah Jerboken Clinic.

Further, the CHO said the Deputy Speaker has committed to provide monthly stipends (salaries) for two clinicians and four non-clinicians for the operations of the Buah Jerboken Clinic.

The opening of the clinic is part of efforts by the Deputy Speaker to build a more resilient health system in the county.

The  Buah Jerboken Clinic  intends to provide medical assistance to anyone who needs it, and treatments are expected to cost comparatively less than conventional health centers.

Meanwhile, in the past weeks, the Deputy Speaker has snagged “multiple endorsements” for reelection from over 43 communities in District #2, Grand Kru County.