Liberia: Man, 42, Claims Self-defense in Death of Neighbor

Manslaughter suspect, Salue Cyphus.

Christopher Wiah 

Police in Kakata Margibi County have investigated and charged a 42-year-old man and father of nine children, Salue Cyphus with manslaughter for the death of a 24-year-old man, John Brown, during a fist fight between the two in Weala, Margibi County. 


Speaking in an exclusive interview with reporters, Cyphus explained that he had no intention of murdering his Brown, but butted him to get relief while under attack.

The two men lived in the same community in Weala with their respective families.

He alleged that the wife of the victim often referred to him (Cyphus) and his wife as criminals; which he said caused confrontation between the two families but was later settled by traditional leaders in the community. 

He further stated that early Saturday morning, January 29, when Cyphus had gone to use the latrine, he heard a sound from the back of the latrine and later discovered that it was John Brown confronting him about what had transpired between him and his wife.

He indicated that Brown attacked him in the latrine, which led to a fist fight and he instantly butted him in self-defense. 

Suspect Salue Cyphus, who expressed regret over his action, is calling on the government and family of the deceased to pardon him.

Now that the suspect has been charged, he will be sent to court for prosecution. The charge of manslaughter carries a lesser penalty compared to murder.