Liberia: Madison M. Wesseh Wins US$24,620 from Winners Inc.

In addition to providing thousands of job opportunities for Liberians, Winners Incorporated, Liberia’s leading sports betting company, is also transforming lives.

Through the company's numerous betting platforms, hundreds of Liberians have over the years become fortunate winners, taking home cash prizes that have the potential to transform lives. 

The highest cash prize won by an individual since the launch of the sports betting company’s operations in Liberia was recorded last week by Madison M. Wesseh.

Wesseh, a POP designer, wagered US$160 and won US$24,620, the largest sum of money ever won by a single person, according to the winners' records.

Wesseh has been betting for a long time and does so every day, but he has not been fortunate enough to win the huge prize he has been hoping for. But he did not give up because betting is all about taking a chance and making predictions in the hopes of winning. 

Among other things, analysis, player analysis, and statistical analysis must be taken into account when predicting the matches, and Wesseh performed this prediction accurately.

According to him, he had been pacing his normal bets on his tickets until he discovered the “handicap”.

“When I started betting with Winners, I used to play the normal game, like the straight bet. After a while, I found out that to win big, you have to take handicap tickets, so I switched to handicap draw and have been playing it for the past three months,” Wesseh said.

Handicap betting in football is an alteration in the betting odds in order to 'even out' games that are uneven. A football handicap gives teams an imaginary goal advantage or disadvantage before the start of the game. In doing so, their odds of winning the game change.

Wesseh also holds the record for winning the highest amount on a single ticket, something that motivated him to continue that trend of betting before winning the US$24K.

He won US$9,603 on November 6, after wagering US$20 from eight games on a single ticket.

Winning a total of US$34,223 (L$6,433,924) from Winners Inc. in just a month is truly a testimony to how the betting company is transforming lives in Liberia.