Liberia: LRA Customs Officers Challenged to Support Revenue Collection

A Group of Customs Class-3 and Officials of Government. 

Liberia: LRA Customs Officers Challenged to Support Revenue Collection

After a 12-week intensive training, about 60 Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Customs Officers of Class-3 graduated from the Liberia National Police Training Academy.  

The training covered courses in basic police science, customs procedures, Liberian laws, criminal investigation, case filing, court processes, human rights, gender, and tactical skills among others. 

James A. Thompson, Civil Service Agency (CSA) Director-General, who served as keynote speaker challenged the graduates to be steadfast and work diligently in supporting revenue collection and growth.

He made the statement on June 3, at a souvenir program marking the graduation ceremony of the LRA customs class three in the basic police science course.

Director Thompson said the training further positions customs officers to be more proactive in dealing with activities which threaten border security and other issues faced in the field. 

The CSA Boss then cautioned the graduates about their prime task and reminded them about their basic roles and responsibilities in enhancing the tax net which is a core performance measurement for the LRA.

Mr. Thompson urged the graduates to carefully operate in their scope of duty noting that “you are not police officers, but are still customs officers and must keep that focus, because the training was designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your work which will be measured by the growth in revenue.”

He underscored the importance of customs officers in helping to collect revenues aimed at supporting the development of Liberia and its people and at the same time encouraged them to avoid acts that undermine such efforts. 

LRA Commissioner General Thomas Doe Nah, for his part, encouraged the newly trained customs officers to be agents of change and must consider good customer service in the performance of their duties.

CG Nah informed the new customs officers to see themselves not as mere employees, but as law enforcement officers as a step higher. “I want you to know that from today, you are no longer mere employers, but law enforcement officers and must-see yourselves in that spirit.”

He noted, “if our country must be transformed, it means that we have to work to move the revenue higher and capacity building is key to the process.”

The LRA Commissioner General thanked the leadership of the Liberia National Police Training Academy for the partnership describing it as rewarding. 

So far, 153 LRA customs officers have graduated from the Liberia National Police Training Academy since the commencement of the LRA customs training program in 2021.

The training program is in line with the Authority’s security program geared toward transforming LRA customs which is a vital requirement in meeting the standards of the World Customs Organization (WCO).