Liberia: Lonestar Cell MTN Graduates Over 100 Digital Entrepreneurs

Graduates of the Lone Star Cell MTN 21 Days of Yello Care Intergenerational Digital Training program for young Entrepreneurs


Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia's leading Technology company, has successfully completed its 21 Days of Y'ello Care Intergenerational Digital Training program graduating over 100 young entrepreneurs. 

The staff engagement and community outreach initiatives were held under the theme, “Empowering Entrepreneurs to Unlock Growth and Job Creation for Communities”.

A team of Lonestar Cell MTN staff taught courses on Digital Entrepreneurship, financial literacy, social media, Mobile Money as a merchant, business development planning, content development along with basic training on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

The 21 Days of Y'ello Care Project Lead, Lisa R. White, said, “Our objective this year is to ensure that the youth and senior citizens can create income using digital tools. We don't want the youth and marginalized community to miss out on the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution.”

Over one hundred participants from diverse age groups and backgrounds, including the National Old Folks of Liberia and the Federation of Liberian Youth, attended the digital focused training.

The National Old Folks of Liberia's Executive Director, Momo A. Bainda said that the training brightened ideas on the use of technology for entrepreneurship. “This training also gave us the momentum to train others in the counties and we now have a better understanding of boosted organizational morale. Computers and other programs in the digital world and how to use them to generate income,” he said.

Social Media instructor and Lonestar Cell MTN Yello Scholar, 22-year-old Alex Bundor, said teaching the old and young folks was a great experience. “The most inspiring part of teaching was watching the old folks and the youth connect. The energy they put into the training session was great. Having the younger participants present was a plus for the elderly folks, because they were able to provide some assistance and added guidance,” he said.

However, the interactive workshops, conducted at the GW Gibson High school's computer Lab provided hands-on practice sessions, group discussions and empowered each participant to develop a one-page business plan.

Ali Fakih, Lonestar Cell MTN's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, said that the intergenerational aspect of the 21 Days of Yello Care brought immense value to the youth and to older participants.

“They shared their unique perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Bonds were forged, stereotypes were shattered, and friendships were formed, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another’s strengths and challenges,” he said.

Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) Chairperson, Edwina Zackpah, described the role of Entrepreneurship inviting economic growth cannot be overstated because Entrepreneurs are the backbone of Liberia’s growing economy.  “Entrepreneurs are the ones who develop themselves and contribute to the economy of every nation. LTA as a government regulatory arm is not just imposed merely by rules and regulations but also to create an enabling environment for Entrepreneurs, and we must be the catalyst of change, unlocking opportunities for young people and ensure that they have access to the necessary resources, support and infrastructure,” she said.  

She used the occasion to call on all stakeholders to hold hands in these noble endeavors as Lonestar Cell MTN has already initiated giving back to the community by doing programs like this.  Zackpah said: “let us empower our local Entrepreneurs drive economic growth to be able to build our nation.”

National Old Folks of Liberia's Executive Director, Momo A. Bainda (middle) receives certificate from Lonestar Cell MTN