Liberia: Lonestar Cell MTN Connects Afriland Bank to ‘Push-and-Pull’ Service

(L-r) Employees of Lonestar Cell MTN and Afriland First Bank executives pose for a photo after the launch

Lonestar Cell MTN has extended its mobile money wallet banking transaction service, known as “Push and Pull”, to Afriland First Development Bank, for the benefit of their customers and subscribers.

The service, which works based on reciprocity, allows Afriland First Bank account holders to link their bank accounts to their MTN mobile money wallets, enabling them to “move money from bank to wallet and vice versa.”

The service also allows customers of Afriland bank and subscribers of Lonestar Cellular MTN, who are excluded from financial services, to now have access to basic financial services through their mobile phones.

This seamless connection means that customers can conveniently manage their funds from anywhere in Liberia.

Afriland First Bank Liberia is a subsidiary of Afriland First Bank Group in Cameroon and opened its doors to the Liberian public in March 2011.

According to Lonestar Cell MTN, the push and pull service, which is led by Manju Konneh, is intended to digitize banking transactions into paperless transactions without standing in long queues.

He said the service with the partnership with Afriland First Bank will ease the stress clients go through when doing banking transactions and having access to their savings accounts with the bank without a time limit through the Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money transaction.

“Push and pull is here to give the Afriland First Bank customers access to their finances whenever and wherever they are in Liberia, without any inconveniences through the Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money short code *156#,” he said.

The program was launched on Wednesday, September 21, by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Afriland First Bank, Ambassador Charles A. Minor.

In remarks, the CEO of Afriland First bank, Robert Nkous, lauded the Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money family for the partnership to make banking simpler and easier for their clients.

He stated that the push-and-pull service will give their customers access to their accounts by connecting them to their Lonestar Mobile Money wallet, which he described as commendable and simple.

“This service will allow all those that are banking with the Afriland First Bank Liberia to link their bank account with their Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money wallet to do deposits, withdrawals, and account checking without standing in queues and awaiting bank opening and closing time,” he added.

“Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s leading tech firm, announces that Afriland First Bank customers can now link their bank accounts to their Mobile Money wallets,” the company said.

Leopold Mbumen, Afriland First Bank’s Chief Information Officer, said their customers primarily work in the agricultural sector and are located in rural Liberia.

“We integrated Lonestar Cell MTN’s Mobile Money Push and Pull services as a part of our business plan because we wanted to provide our customers with financial convenience,” said Mbumen.