Liberia: LNP Dispatches Investigative Team to Restore Calm in Kinjor

Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman

The Liberia National Police (LNP), has dispatched a team of investigators to restore tranquility and thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding the deadly riot in the concession area of Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC), Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County.

Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman called on the public to remain calm and said that efforts are being made to restore calm, in order to conduct investigation.

Residents and employees of BMMC, staged a protest in Kinjor to demand better and improved living and working conditions, job security and life insurance. In viral photos posted on social media, protesters were seen lying in blood with deep cuts on their bodies.

“The Police Inspector General, Gregory Coleman, has promptly deployed a combined operational and investigative team to Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County,” LNP said in a facebook post. “The primary objective of this team is to restore tranquility and thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding the riot in Kenjor, Grand Cape Mount County. Subsequently, appropriate measures will be taken accordingly.”

According to the statement, the public will be promptly updated on casualties and the actions taken to address the situation. 

Though the police statement did not include casualties or death, reports said three people died and several were injured.  The situation prompted the senate to invite the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Oswald Tweh and Police Inspector General Gregory Coleman for a full security briefing.

Since the signing of the second agreement between Bea Mountain and the government of Liberia, residents of communities near the mining company including local leaders and elders have expressed dissatisfaction, accusing the company of bad labor practice.

Bea Mountain, a subsidiary of Avesoro Resources, got its first concession agreement for gold extraction from western Liberia in 2001.