Liberia: LMDA Provides Free Surgical Operations in Ganta

Over 100 patients receive medical care

The Liberia Medical and Dental Association (LMDA) recently organized a medical outreach program at the E&J Medical Hospital, offering free general surgery to more than 100 patients.

Dr. Peter George, the chairman of the association, explained that they conducted this outreach as part of their election activities in Ganta to benefit the people of Nimba. The medical team comprised over 30 doctors, along with other experts who supervised the surgeries and provided eye and dental services to those in need.

Dr. Peter Coleman played a key role in overseeing the entire operation. During the outreach, the team conducted general surgeries and performed eye tests. Patients in need of eyeglasses were provided with them, while those requiring eye surgeries were referred to the JFK Medical Center for further treatment.

“We are conducting general surgery and at the same time doing eye tests, providing glasses to those who are in need, while those whose eye condition requires surgery, we will set a date to take them to JFK for operation,” he said.

“E&J doesn’t have the facility or theater to conduct eye surgery, so we are only doing testing for them. We will move those with serious conditions to JFK, where the surgery will be conducted,” he said.

Due to the lack of necessary facilities or a theater for eye surgeries at E&J Medical Hospital, the team opted to refer such cases to a more suitable medical center. Additionally, patients with medical conditions such as prostate problems underwent tests, and appropriate arrangements were made for those testing positive for prostate cancer or urinary tract infections.

George emphasized that the outreach was strictly non-political, and all funding for the program came from contributions made by the medical doctors and members of the LMDA. He asserted that the initiative was driven by their efforts, with no political influence involved.

“This is the biggest medical board in Liberia, and everything we are doing comes from ourselves. No political will or influence brought us here,” he said.

E&J Medical Hospital, initially established as a private facility by Senator Jeremiah Koung, now Vice President-Elect, was intended to alleviate the overwhelming burden faced by the Methodist Hospital in Ganta.

However, due to financial challenges, including the provision of wages, drugs, and maintenance, the government eventually took over the management of the hospital. While the E&J Hospital is now a prominent public health center in Ganta, it appears to have faced some difficulties.

Reports indicate that some facilities are in disrepair, and there may be a shortage of medical supplies, such as gloves, masks, and batteries for thermometers. Although the surgical operations were provided free of charge during the outreach, it was mentioned that patients were asked to register with L$3,000 with the E&J Hospital management during the recruitment process.

The LMDA is also planning another free medical program in February, which will involve the participation of experts from Spain.