Liberia: LINU’s Moniba Remains Neutral in Run-off Election

..Says Liberians have continued to believe in only CDC and UP for the past 18 years

Ahead of the country’s run-off election scheduled for November 14, 2023, Liberia National Union (LINU) presidential candidate, Dr. Clarence Moniba, says he is not endorsing any particular party because Liberians are divided enough because of this year’s elections, but yet continue to vote the same two political parties for the past 18 years.

“We are divided enough, people have already died because of these elections, properties have been destroyed and families have been broken. Worst, is that our country of Liberia is still way behind the other countries that are way behind,” Moniba said. 

Moniba said amidst all of this has been happening, the two parties have been in control for the past 18 years–Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Unity Party (UP) who were both in the runoffs in 2005, 2011, and 2017, have come to Liberians again with promises and the message of change. 

Moniba, who was one of the youngest presidential candidates, said how can Liberians truly say that they want to change Liberia, when they continue to vote the same two political parties since post-war

“So this election is not about me picking a side, it is about the people of Liberia demanding that CDC or UP does a better job in leading this country then they have for the past 18 years,” Moniba who cast himself as candidate prepared to tackle Liberia’s numerous problems said.

Moniba said the CDC, and UP were selected by the people of Liberia for this year’s run off and it is important to note, however, that politics and campaigns come and go, but our nation and its development remains paramount.

According to him, on October 10, 2023, the people of Liberia decided that at this moment in our country’s history – it was not his time to lead and know that a lot of work is needed to do over the next six years to earn the trust and support of the Liberian people. 

“We are committed to this journey and can promise all listening, that we will work towards Liberia’s transformation. Since the announcement of the results, we consulted with both parties, where we laid out a set of preconditions for our support, to include the construction of the Salayea to Foya road in Lofa, the Sanniquelle to Zwedru Road stretching from Nimba to Grand Gedeh, the completion of the Robertsports Road in Cape Mount, and the Buchannan, to RiverCess road,” he said. 

Additionally, he said LINU also asked that plans be made to build technical and vocational colleges in every county capital and several other policies such as the refurbishment of all government hospitals, beginning with JFK and Jackson F. Doe, as well as better training and salaries to our nurses and doctors. 

“What I hope and pray for in 2023 and going forward, is that Liberia, in the near future, becomes a great country. But in order to do so, we have to demand more from our leaders. It is not good enough to vote for someone because they are popular, or because it is their time,” Moniba urged Liberians.

According to him, they know that not one person or one party can build Liberia, and therefore they at LINU have committed to working with whoever wins the impending runoff election as he ran not because 

he was against any single Liberian, but because he wanted to stand for every single Liberian.

“And this is why I still stand with the millions of Liberians who demand more. We just don’t want roads, but we want modern roads that cover our entire nation. Not just schools, but schools with well-paid teachers, science labs, computers and school feeding programs,” he said.