Liberia: “Liberty Party Will Never Die”

Cllr. Charlyne M. Brumskine

…. Cllr. Charlyne M. Brumskine assures her kinsmen in Montserrado County

Cllr. Charlyne Brumskine, the running mate of Alexander Cumming,  has assured the people of Grand Bassa that the Liberty Party will never die in Liberia.

Brumskine is the daughter of the Liberty Party’s fallen  founder and leader, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, who was a prominent leader of what is called "the Bassa Land.” 

“The Liberty Party has been in confusion, but it is my responsibility to do everything I can to assure you that the Liberty Party will never die in Liberia,” Brumskine claimed. 

“In the confusion, some of you went to different places, so I am calling on you to come back home. Come back home, come back home, come back home. That's our time. We will decide as Bassa people that we are ready to go up.”

Before being chosen by Cummings as the CPP vice Standard Bearer, Brumskine had embarked on an initiative to run for representative in District #3 in the Buchanan area in Grand Bassa County, her late father’s hometown.

She urged supporters, stalwarts, partisans, and sympathizers who left the party during the crisis to come home, noting that the party was for them and it was time for the Bassa people.

Brumskine explained, “We must not always be behind; we must not always be supporting our sister child, but we can’t support our own child.

“We will not go into the county and cause confusion; we will not go into the county and tell the Bassa people to carry a different person's son or daughter. I need you. I tell you that I am standing in the old man's shoes, but I am a woman. Women can carry men's shoes, so I will need the support of my Bassa women.”

Brumskine  remarks comes when she was endorsed by some Bassa people in the Duport Road waterside community.

“So, today I stand in my father's shoes, in the shoes of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, and I tell you today that the same way he was, that’s how we will do it,” she said. “The respect, the love, and the concern that the late Cllr. Brumskine had for the Bassa people—II promised you today that I would do the same for you in Bassa.”

According to her, the people of Bassa will not continue to support other people’s agendas, stressing that the Bassa people are ready to go up and that she is ready and prepared to bring pride to the Bassa land.

“Today is one of the greatest honors of my life. I am so happy to be here today, what is happening here is bigger than politics. Thank you the Bassa people for giving me this land. This land is holy and I am grateful,” Charlyne said when she accepted the endorsement.

Brumskine maintained that the Liberty Party which was established by her father was intended to allow the people of Bassa to have a voice politically in the country.

“Now is the time to support our own and lift Bassa. I need all the women to be behind me and support us,”  Brumskine urged.

She, however, called on the Bassa people to continue to work with her, be with her, help her, and fight with her to give the Bassa people a voice.

Earlier, speaking on behalf of the group, the head of the Chief and elders, Clarence Neyor said they as Bassa people are ready and prepared to work with their daughter in making sure that her dream comes to pass.

He, however, promised the group's commitment to work with Charlyne in every way possible to ensure that their daughter is elected.

For his part, J. Byron Browne observed that Grand Bassa is politically under attack. He urged the Bassa people to pray, hold together, and support Cllr. Brumskine.

“We have decided to officially turn the Bassa land over to you because we believe that Grand Bassa County is under attack politically and there is no way that the people of Bassa can support another person other than you, our daughter, and therefore, on behalf of the Bassa people, the chief, elders, and women, we present this token of endorsement in the name of the father, the son, and the blessed holy spirit,” he said.