Liberia: Liberian Entrepreneur Wins 2023 JPI International Business Leader Award

Otis Tarwon, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tarwoe Global Consulting-LLC

Otis Tarwoe, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tarwoe Global Consulting-LLC, has been named the 2023 recipient of the Canada-based Jamie Pajoel International (JPI) Business Leader Award. 

The ceremony was held in Kigali, Rwanda, from August 17–20, at the Marriott hotel, to celebrate the contributions of young leaders in tech, education, tourism, Real estate, health, transportation, Agro-Processing, and energy. 

“I am honored to share my journey as a recipient of the prestigious 2023 JPI International Business Leader Award from Canada. With a rich background spanning dynamic international speaking, serial entrepreneurship, personal development coaching, and youth activism, my commitment to making a significant impact has been unwavering,” Tarwoe said in an email to the observer.

JPI, a reputable organization based in Canada, provides leadership opportunities for young African leaders. Tarwoe is the first Liberian recipient of the award.  The competitive selection process involved rigorous interviews, comprehensive essays, presentation of tangible evidence of nominees’ impactful work, and a meticulous administrative board voting process.

“Although there were seven commendable nominees, I emerged as the winner in the category, marking a historic moment for Liberia. This recognition underscores the transformative impact I've achieved through my visionary approach to leadership and business development,” he said.

Tarwoe Global Consulting -LLC  was established in November 2021. The company provides executive consulting, Professional Certification, and Digital Consulting Services. 

According to CEO,  his ompany was established  to gave actionable solutions that empower budding entrepreneurs to transform their visions into lucrative and seenable realities. “Our inception was fueled by the desire to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement.”

“At the heart of our enterprise lies an unwavering belief in the latent potential of every business. Committed to catalyzing greatness, we undertake the task of not just guiding, but propelling our clients' entrepreneurial endeavors towards unprecedented success. Our resolute dedication to surmounting challenges and reshaping benchmarks is the cornerstone upon which our values are built.”

“We cultivate robust and enduring partnerships with our clients, a testament to our commitment to catering to their distinct and evolving needs. Our suite of services is meticulously crafted to amplify your influence and propel you towards your objectives.”

The JPI Annual Leadership Conference  focuses on organizational leadership, streamlining processes, identifying underlying issues in business, and correcting ineffective leadership practices, all of which, if ignored, can result in a dysfunctional system.

The seminar was designed to include genuine case studies and best practices for enhancing leadership skills, personal effectiveness, and promoting organizational growth.

Professionals and business people from all spheres of life attended the conference, including but not limited to all government officials, captains of industry, senior executives, managing directors, HR professionals, consultants, bankers, doctors, engineers, artists, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and middle- and senior level managers from various organizations throughout Africa.