Liberia: LFA Appoints Atty. Kollie Dorko as New General Secretary

(L-r) Kollie Dorko, the recently appointed GS for LFA, is pictured with President Mustapha Raji after receiving approval from the Executive Committee on December 6.   

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has appointed Atty. Kollie Dokor as the next General Secretary of the football governing body for a period of four years.

Following the conclusion of General Secretary Isaac Montgomery’s four-year tenure, Atty. Dorkor was appointed and approved by the Executive Committee on December 6.

Atty. Dorko, a Master’s-educated financial expert, joins the football association with “a lot of administrative, managerial, and technical expertise and experiences. He holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting, a Master's in Business

Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in law,” LFA president Mustapha Raji stated in his communication to stakeholders.

The communication also stated that Atty. Dorko has more than 16 years of experience working at the managerial and technical levels. 

“He served as the Finance Manager of the Governance Commission prior to this appointment as the LFA’s General Secretary,” Raji said. “I am of the strongest conviction that the appointment of Atty. Dorko will bring an optimal benefit to the development and promotion of football in Liberia and the world at large.”

Roles and Responsibilities 

According to the terms of reference, the General Secretary position shall be appointed or dismissed by the Executive Committee on the proposal of the President. He shall head the Secretariat of the LFA. He shall be appointed on the basis of an agreement governed by private law and have the necessary professional qualifications. He shall be supervised by the President.

The responsibilities of the GS include: implementing decisions passed by the Congress and Executive Committee in compliance with the President’s directives; attending the Congress and meetings of the Executive Committee, Emergency Committee, and the standing and ad-hoc committees; organizing the Congress and meetings of the Executive Committee and other bodies; compiling the minutes for the meetings of the Congress, Executive Committee, Emergency Committee, and standing and ad-hoc committees; managing and keeping the accounts of the LFA properly; the correspondence of LFA; relations with the Members, committees, FIFA, CAF and WAFU; organizing the general secretariat; the appointment and dismissal of staff working in the general secretariat; and proposing managerial staff to the President. 

The General Secretary may not be a Congress delegate or a member of any body of the LFA.