Liberia: “Leaders are Booted Out of Power Because They Are Self-centered”

…. Reason why most failed their re-election bids, Albinos Society Executive Director says

The Founder and Executive Director of the Liberia Albino Society, Patricia  Logan, has criticized most Liberian leaders, both from the executive and legislative branches of the government, for their failed re-election bids, which she attributed to a focus on self-serving rather than serving the citizens.

This statement comes in the wake of President George Manneh Weah’s recent defeat in the presidential runoff election, as well as the defeat of several members of the 54th Legislature during recent presidential and legislative elections. 

Speaking at the celebration of her 50th birthday (golden jubilee) over the weekend, Logan emphasized the importance of leaders prioritizing the needs of the people over personal interests.

“The reason why our leaders are being booted out of power by citizens is because they, the leaders, often focus on serving themselves first,” Logan said.

She underscored that leaders who exhibit integrity, sincerity, and accountability are more respected than those who accumulate wealth through corrupt means.

Logan, sharing her personal experience, revealed that despite the potential for personal gain, she remained committed to her mission of serving humanity through the Liberia Albino Society.

She encouraged Liberian leaders at all levels to maintain their character and resist temptations that could compromise their integrity. Additionally, she expressed the hope of finding a god-fearing individual to assist in the future management of the Liberia Albino Society.

During the event, Logan expressed gratitude for the support and special treatment she received from the administrative arm, nursing department, and other divisions of the society, as well as from Liberian citizens across different localities. She concluded by reaffirming her commitment to providing vital services to her neighbors, family members, community, the underprivileged, and the country at large.