Liberia: LDEA Nabs Two With Huge Quantity of Banned Substances

The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) recently detained a male and a female in separate operations in Nimba County, seizing a substantial amount of narcotics from the individuals.

The LDEA Nimba Detachment reported the arrest of Odell Paye, a 21-year-old Liberian female, in Karnplay City on February 28. She was found in possession of 210 strips of Tramadol, a restricted medical drug commonly misused for illicit activities.

Commander Thomas Saye of LDEA in Nimba revealed that Odell Paye had alleged connections with a Nigerian drug dealer nicknamed Oga Chur, who has been implicated in drug trafficking activities. The arrested woman has been charged with unlawful possession, transportation, and sale of narcotics under the new drug law.

“The Nigerian, Oga Chur was a resident of Karnplay and he is said to have escaped upon the arrest of his fiancée. They are also involved in the trafficking of cocaine, heroin, and other narcotics substances,” he said.

The LDEA put the street value of the drugs to US$4,375 or the Liberian equivalent of L$840,000.

“Under the new drugs law, she was charged with unlicensed possession, transportation of and sale of narcotics drugs,” Saye said.

On February 27, about 250 strips were sent by an unknown taxi driver to this lady to be received in Gbeh-Duoplay, instead of Karnplay, but she was spotted by an LDEA Officer and then called for questioning and then discovered the drugs in a corn flakes pack,” the LDEA Commander explained. “She admitted, saying this is what they are doing for their living.”

In another incident, the LDEA apprehended another suspected Nigerian drug dealer, Jeff Mechuk, in the Soul Clinic community in Ganta. Mechuk, 36, was found with 33 grams of heroin and has been charged accordingly.

“We have been tracking this fellow for a very long time, using false names to evade security, but this time we used security techniques to arrest him,” the LDEA Nimba Commander.

The notorious dealer is a resident of Soul Clinic in Ganta, Nimba County, and was caught with about 33 grams of heroin, valued at about US$750 or L$150k. He was charged and sent to the Ganta Magisterial Court.

Commander Thomas Saye acknowledged the challenges faced by the LDEA in combating drug trafficking and abuse in Nimba County, particularly citing logistical issues hindering effective patrols due to a lack of vehicles.

“Amidst the alarming flow of narcotic drugs in Nimba, which shares its borders with two countries and with porous borders, our main challenge is logistical problems; no car to effectively patrol the county,” he concluded.

He also outlined the progress that has been made by the agency. “We now have about 45 drug cases pending, 35 convicted and, among the convicts are 33 males and two females,” Saye said in an update.

Meanwhile, the LDEA continues to make strides in addressing drug-related offenses, with several convictions recorded under Commander Thomas Saye’s leadership. The agency remains vigilant in its efforts to curb the flow of narcotics in the region.