Liberia: “Lack of Funding Hindering Regulation of Private Schools”

Prof. Ansu D. Sonii, Minister of Education

.... Min. of Education

The Minister of Education, Professor Ansu D. Sonii, has informed plenary of the Senate that his Ministry has so far failed to regulate private schools due to the lack of funding.

Minister Sonii, however, asserted that his Ministry has the authority to regulate all schools across the country, with the exception of tertiary education.

The Minister and some of his deputy and assistant ministers were quizzed by lawmakers on Thursday, November 25, amidst public outcry of unprecedented hike in school tuition and other fees, especially by private and faith-based schools.

The Senate is requesting the Ministry authority to provide comprehensive statistics with respect to the number and names of teachers, schools of assignments in various counties, qualifications, as well as detailed information about the status of retirement of employees on the Ministry’s payroll, among others.

The Senate decision was triggered by concerns raised by public school teachers that they were being retired without receiving benefits; and that teachers were listed on payroll and receiving salaries, but are not seen in classrooms in the various schools throughout the country.

The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has meanwhile instructed its Committee on Education and Public Administration to  work with the Minister of Education to implement all of the issues raised by Senators during the appearance of the Minister to report in two weeks.

During his appearance, Minister Sonii outlined lack of logistics, especially in the area of transportation for County Education officers, as a major challenge for CEOs and DEOs not monitoring the various Schools in the Districts and Counties of their assignments.