Liberia: KEEP Dedicates Modern Mini Resource Center in Ganta

Liberia: KEEP Dedicates Modern Mini Resource Center in Ganta

The Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP), a local non-governmental organization, dedicated a modern mini Resource Center for the elementary section of the J. W. Pearson School in Ganta City, Nimba County.

KEEP has been actively involved in building reading rooms across the country, particularly in public schools. With a focus on Nimba County, specifically Ganta, they have been working with education stakeholders to establish a facility at the Pearson Campus.

During the negotiating process with education authorities, KEEP was fortunate to collaborate with CSquared and Telecel-Liberia. These partnerships enabled the completion of the project. Brenda Moore, founder of KEEP, estimated the cost of the renovation and books to be over $20,000, while the cost of the new computers has yet to be determined.

“While negotiating with the education authority, we were fortunate to come in contact with CSquared and Telecel–Liberia, and they collaborated with us to have the project completed,” she said.

According to Moore, KEEP has been in the building of libraries and reading rooms across the country, especially in the public schools.

She explained that Nimba, especially Ganta, had been on their agenda so, since last year, they’ve been working with education stakeholders in the county to have one of the facilities at Pearson.

The newly established center is designed to enhance the learning experience for both the students and the community. The resource center is equipped with 20 new laptops and a collection of books. Additionally, it is connected to the internet through cables provided by CSquared and Telecel-Liberia, internet service providers.

This connection allows students to conduct research and gather information online. The center can accommodate up to 30 pupils at a time for their research needs. While the responsibility of maintaining the resource center falls on the school, Moses Dologbay, the County Education Officer, commended KEEP and its partners for their efforts. He assured the partners of the government’s commitment to providing necessary security for the center and ensuring it is utilized for its intended purpose.