Liberia: Julius Malema Says Boakai Must Deliver on Campaign Promises

Julius Malema

Warns against Repeating Weah’s Mistakes

Julius Malema, the leader of South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has warned Liberia’s newly inaugurated President Joseph Nyuma Boakai against repeating the mistakes of his predecessor, George Weah, emphasizing that unlike Weah, President Boakai must deliver on the promises he made to the people during the election campaign and not betray their trust.

Malema, who recently visited Liberia to attend the inauguration of Boakai, cited Weah's defeat in the 2023 presidential election as a consequence of his disloyalty to the electorate.

The EFFL leader noted further that Weah was defeated because he was not loyal to the people who elected him, therefore Boakai, who has succeeded him, should not make the same mistake.

Malema added that Boakai should ensure there is peace in the country and economic development and progress must not be compromised against the people who labored to make him President.

Malema expressed his satisfaction that the elections were conducted peacefully and without violence.

Upon his arrival at the Roberts International Airport on January 21, the Commander-In-Chief (CIC) and President of the revolutionary Economic Freedom Fighters said, he is happy that elections are now being held without violence and the blood of innocent people spilled, but cautioned the newly elected President, Boakai, to be mindful of making the same mistakes his predecessor made.

“He is to serve the people of Liberia. He must make sure he delivers on the commitments he has made to them during the elections time. The people saw him as the better side and this is why they did not give predecessor a second chance. He must not fail the people,” Malema said as he addressed scores of journalists.

“We should make sure that the whole continent of Africa sings the songs of peace. We must put down the guns and embrace each other as one people of the same home and family. 

Malema stressed the importance of maintaining peace and ensuring economic development without compromising the interests of the people. Although Malema was visiting Liberia for the first time, he stated that he felt at home because of the presence of the EFF in Liberia.

Malema acknowledged the EFF Liberia branch and expressed his support for their efforts to secure democracy and fight against any form of manipulation or election rigging. He encouraged them to hold President Boakai accountable and make sure that the resources of the state are used for the benefit of the people.

Julius Malema was a staunch member of the African National Congress (ANC) of the late Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. However, in time, most especially after the passing of the African political icon, there came internal wrangling that led to Malema forming his own signature organization, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFFL).

Concerning the EFFL of Liberia, led by Emmanuel Gonquoi, Malema said his political organization in South Africa fully recognizes Liberia’s EFFL and will work with the group.

“Our presence here is to say to the whole of Liberia that we recognize the EFFL of Liberia and we are working with its leadership,” he noted.

According to him, while the EFFL of Liberia maintains a cordial relationship with the new President, that should in no way give the political movement the urge to compromise the interest of the people of Liberia for personal benefits.

“We are not the same party but there is respect for one another. The EFFL of Liberia should continue to play an important role in securing democracy for Liberia and the whole continent. They should continue to fight for freedom, free elections and never allow any form of election rigging. They should not allow any form of manipulation,” Malema admonished.

During his visit, Malema also met with members of the Liberian Legislature to familiarize himself with the system and advocate for the interests of the people. He called on parliamentarians to prioritize the well-being of the citizens and hold those in the executive accountable for their actions.

Being a parliamentarian too, he said the Legislature has a crucial role in ensuring the people benefit from the governance system of the country.

“Members of Parliament must make sure they work for the people. It must not be for the President against the people. They should hold those in the Executive accountable. We are in Parliament to make sure democracy works. Parliament must make sure the resources of the state are looked after, not looted for personal gains. I am in Parliament too,” Malema intoned.

He called on the EFFL Liberia to make the loudest noise whenever the President or the Legislature uses the state resources for family benefits and patronage rather than serving the general interest of the country.

Regarding international relations, Malema made it clear that EFF does not support aligning with former colonial powers, such as America and Europe. He expressed a commitment to a free Africa and rejected any form of neocolonialism.

Malema emphasized the need for a strong, independent Africa and hoped that EFF Liberia would provide leadership for the people of Liberia in the future.

In response to Malema’s visit, Emmanuel Gonquoi, the leader of EFF Liberia, expressed his gratitude for Malema's presence and highlighted the importance of their interactions with the South African EFF.

Overall, Malema’s visit to Liberia showcased EFF’s support for democracy, economic development, and the empowerment of the people.