Liberia: Joint Security Turn Armed Robbery Suspect over to Ivorian Authorities

Maiga Ousmane Mussa without t-shirt

The Liberian Joint Security in Maryland County has arrested and turned over to its Ivorian counterpart a man identified as Maiga Ousmane Mussa for alleged armed robbery. 

Mussa is believed to be a resident of Tabou, a town in La Côte D'Ivoire.  He was arrested, charged, and handed over to the Ivorian security by the Liberian joint security.

The Liberian joint security arrested and charged suspect Moussa based on a complaint from the Ivorian security team in connection to his alleged multiple acts of armed robbery that have been the cause of the deaths of residents of Côte D'Ivoire.

Col. Victor Bartue, the Liberian Joint Security commander for Maryland County, and his Ivorian counterparts have also reported several items such as live bullets, an AK-47 rifle, a short butt single barrel gun, knives, and other weapons in the home of the suspect in Tabou, Côte D'Ivoire, which led the joint security team in Liberia to launch a vigorous search for Moussa in Maryland County. 

“Following a vigorous search by the Joint security, the suspect was subsequently arrested in a nearby town along the Cavalla River belt in Maryland County," Col. Bartue explained.

A communication written and signed by Maryland County Attorney Philip G. Whiegar, on June 16, stated that suspect Moussa was arrested by the Joint Security of Maryland in keeping with the laws of Liberia that forbid unlawful items and unwanted behaviors, mostly by aliens moving into Liberia to seek asylum after committing heinous crimes in another country.

The communication stated: “This arrest and handing over note will serve as a sufficient legal authority for the Joint security apparatus in Maryland County.

The Regional commander Abdullah Bakayoko of Tabou Region, RCI (République du Côte D'Ivoire), on behalf of the joint security team of Ivory Coast, received  suspect Maiga and lauded the effort of the Liberian joint security team for a high level of professionalism during the process of searching for the alleged Suspect, Maiga Osumane Mussa."

He then called for more collaboration between the security apparatus of the two countries as a medium of keeping the peace between Liberia and La Côte D'Ivoire and to keep the region safe from crime.