Liberia: Jackie Russ - A Mastermind With Massive Concepts

Jackie Russ.

​Jackie Russ is a blessing to the Liberian music industry. His many years of experience have journeyed him to become a powerhouse in the music industry; winning numerous awards and reminding us why he is one of the most sought-after videographers in Liberia.

In an industry where his brother is a household name, he set a path to overcome living in the shadow of his sibling's fame & success. Jackie Russ is the epitome of persistent hard work, consistency, and shrewd self-motivation.

Coming from an era where visuals were an embedded weakness in the industry, he stood up to make a difference, and that he achieved after years of dedication, commitment, and action. Russ is also an artist which shocked a lot of people when he dropped his debut project last year.

We see a lot of times creatives dwell in places they don't belong but for the case of Russ, it's different. He has proven to us on numerous occasions why he's the most versatile celebrity in the industry.

The genius has bagged another video director of the year award at the just ended Tunes Liberia Music Awards (TLMA21), bringing it to five Video director of the year awards so far; and making him the most decorated in the history of Liberia. The Tunes Liberia Music Awards is a prestigious award program recognizing and appreciating entertainment and arts.

Single-Handedly, Jackie is responsible for half of the top visuals that are released every year in the Industry with an impeccable catalog of accolades & recognition. Follow him on all social media and stay alert on his latest project.