Liberia, Ireland Rekindled Commitment to Promote Bilateral Cooperation

Amb. Gurly Gibson-Schwarz   pose with Irish President Micahel Higgins.

Liberia and Ireland have rekindled their commitment to deepen bilateral cooperation: emphasizing trade and investment; as well as driving democratic governance and human rights.

Speaking in Dublin, at Aras an Uachtarain where she presented her Letter of Credence to Irish President Michael Higgins at a colorful ceremony. Gurly Gibson-Schwarz, Liberia’s Ambassador to London (also covering the Republic of Ireland) heralded the enduring partnership between the two countries as they forge new opportunities.

She conveyed the best wishes of President George Mannah Weah- towards advancing closer relations with the people of Ireland. Schwarz hailed the strategic role of Irish contributions to global peace – highlighting the heroic service of the Irish contingent of the United Nations Peace Mission to Liberia (UNMIL) Liberia between 2003- 2007. Liberia is also a recipient of - Irish AID- impacting the areas of health, and education, among others.

Schwarz stressed Liberia’s democratic governance and national development as key priority areas- promoting gender equality while tackling sexual and gender-based violence. With expanding Irish engagement in Africa, the top Liberian diplomat indicated Liberia will drive to increase trade and investment – which will deliver shared prosperity between Liberia and Ireland.

The President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, recounted the importance of strengthening bilateral ties and the mutual benefits to the two countries. He applauded Liberia’s democratic transformation and the contributions of the Irish defense service men and women to consolidating peace.

Higgins extended his profound best wishes to Weah; expressing his desire to visit Liberia: continuing friendship and cooperation. He expressed optimism that the ceremony presented new grounds for greater cooperation.

Libera received praise for its commitment to climate change- especially the protection of the largest remaining rainforest in the West African sub-region. The country was represented at the Africa Irish Africa Economic Forum held in Dublin last month. The event assembled government and trade representatives from Ireland and Africa.

The forum assessed and advanced strategies to promote innovation driven trade with Africa and Ireland- through the broader European trade bloc.