Liberia: INCHR Seeks Increased Budgetary Allotment

Capitol Building

The Independent National Commission Human Rights (INCHR) is asking the National Government for increased budgetary allotment in the fiscal year 2023 budget in order to carry out its mandate effectively.

The Commission said the operational cost of US$50,000 in the current budget is not sufficient to carry on the huge task on hand at the commission, which includes the decentralization of the Commission, county inspections, transportation, office maintenance and other operational expenses. 

Two Commissioners-designate, Acting Vice Chairman,  Cllr. Dr. Niveda Ricks and the oversight Commissioner on  Communications and Budget, Atty. Palmillia Doe Paivey, said for the Commission to operate efficiently it will need more money.

“If the Independent Human Rights Commission should operate to its international standard, the need for an increased budgetary allotment cannot be overemphasized,” the two commissioners said.

The two Commissioners were speaking on Monday when they appeared before the Senate Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims and Petitions Committee for confirmation hearing under the chairmanship of Senator, Cllr. Varney G. Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County. 

Touching on the country’s human rights record, the two Independent Human Rights Commissioners designate said, although Liberia is gradually achieving in its human rights record, it has been given one year to improve in some areas so as to achieve a resounding benchmark.

Commenting on the challenges in the performance of its statutory responsibilities, the nominees of the Commission said the alarming issues of pre-trial detainees, the condition and congestion of various prison facilities across the country, human trafficking and other vices are serious challenges confronting the Commission. 

Meanwhile, the Commissioners have appealed to the Nationall Government to purchase a DNA machine for the Commission so as to help in the adjudication of human right cases including rape, amongst others.