Liberia: “I Have a Responsibility to the Liberian People, Not Critics”

President Weah and his wife were greeted by a group of citizens at the Roberts International Airport

— Weah throws jibes; says Liberia was ‘well represented’ at UNGA

Touching down the Roberts International Airport (RIA) from the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Monday afternoon, President George M. Weah said yesterday that he has a responsibility to the Liberian people by doing the job given to him and not to his critics.

“I am glad that the people are happy, both in the Diaspora and back home. I had a job to do by representing my country, which I did. Our partners are happy and we hope to continue until the second term is given to us,” Weah said while responding to criticisms from his critics regarding his presentation at the UNGA.  

The just-ended General Assembly was the UN’s first full, in-person leader’s summit since the COVID-19 pandemic and comes as the war in Ukraine approaches its seventh month. Weah, among other things, said the invasion of Ukraine is having an impact on the world.

Weah said he was never on restriction as reported by his critics back in Liberia, having had the opportunity to visit his home in the U.S.  Social media video footage showed him playing with his dog and Ballon d’Or trophy while there.

“I am back home and it shows that no one holds me hostage and I will continue to do my work for this country and maintain the peace. Peace is the only way we can move forward because, without peace, the world is nothing,” Weah said. 

However, critics of Weah said the Liberian leader failed to present the existing reality facing the citizens but decided to present the country as though everything is good.  

Weah added that Liberians should be happy because they saw him live at the United Nations General Assembly and not at a hidden secret conversation. “All I did was to let the world know of Liberia’s cooperation to promote peace, stability, and diplomacy in Russia and Ukraine.” 

He noted that he was thrilled that Liberia was well represented at the United Nations General Assembly, for the third time and hoped Liberians will continue to give him the job to finish his work.

“This is the third time and not the first time. We went to the UNGA to state our case and talk about global issues, and represented Liberia well and [are] happy to be back home,” Weah said.

“Just as the Ukrainian people are enduring the harsh impact of this unwarranted military incursion, the rest of the world is feeling the harsh consequences of the economic downturn caused by disruptions in global supply chains, food insecurity, and rising prices of basic goods and services,” Weah said in a speech at the UNGA, which was attended by other world leaders. 

Rice shortage

Weah warns Liberians against listening to happenings in the streets and said he does not believe that there is a rice shortage in the Liberian market.

“I believe that there’s rice and we will verify again but we don’t want you to listen to the noise in the streets. Again, we will check because where there is smoke, there is fire. We want to make sure that we have everything that Liberia needs,” Weah said. 

Weah said he will go to the port again to verify and the public will receive an update regarding the rice issue.