Liberia: House Defers Passage of Bea Mountain MDA


— As Rep. Hanson Kiazolu wants Garwula Clan to be part of Bea Mountain’s Development Fund

Amid expectations that the Bea Mountain’s 25 years Mineral Development Agreement, with an investment of over US$500 million, would receive a swift concurrence on Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to defer the passage and forward the Senate’s ratified agreement of the Bea Mountain deal to its Joint Committee on Concession and Investment, Judiciary, and Lands, Mines, and Energy for probing.

The lead committee, Concession and Investment, is chaired by Lofa County District #3 Representative, Clarence Massaquoi.

In its 3rd day Special Sitting, members of the House of Representatives voted unanimously through head-count, following a motion from Bong County District #2 Representative Joseph Kolleh, which was amended by Maryland County District #1 Representative P. Mike Jurry to go to Committees’ rooms for investigation and that the Joint Committee should report to the august body before its adjournment.

The Restated and Amended Mineral Development Agreement between the Republic of Liberia and Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) is an Extended Agreement of the Original Agreement which was signed November 28, 2001. Which means Bea Mountain’s first 25 years will be terminated in 2026 but an extension will push the Company’s termination to 2051.

In 2001, Bea Mountain acquired the power, right and authority to engage in mineral exploration, development and production in Grand Cape Mount County.

Eight years later, On July 29, 2009, Bea Mountain expanded its operations by receipt of a Class ‘A’ Mining License for a Production Area of 485 Square Kilometers.

Further, the Government and Bea Mountain entered into a Restated and Amended Mineral Development Agreement in September 18, 2013 in pursuit of which the Company was granted the right, power and authority to engage in mineral exploration, development and production.

Montserrado County District #17 Representative Hanson Kiazolu, in an interview, told journalists that the deferral of the Bea Mountain’s 25 years agreement to committees is procedurally correct and he thanked Bea Mountain for subjecting itself to “review.”

Rep. Kiazolu, who is now a senatorial aspirant for Grand Cape Mount County, said he is rooting for the Bea Mountain agreement and has encouraged his colleagues to concur with the Senate.

He hailed Bea amounting for the over 18 miles of roads, infrastructure development, creation of jobs, including the commitment to the Social, Communities and Clan Development Funds.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kiazolu is appealing to Bea Mountain to include Garwula Clan to benefit from the Clan Development Fund “CDF” arguing that all the minerals, chemicals and other operational tools pass through Garwula Clan.

Rep. Kiazolu disclosed that among the four clans in Grand Cape Mount, Garwula isn’t benefiting from either the Community Development Fund or the Clan Development Fund.

Mana, Darblo and Laar Clans in Gola Konneh, while Manemasa and Seimavula Clans in Tewor and Porkpa, are also receiving; except Garwula Clan which isn’t having any affected towns; their roads are use for transportation of raw materials and equipment.

“We want to appeal to Bea Mountain to include Garwula in its Memorandum of Understanding for the people to also receive token to develop their lives”

“we want to thank Bea Mountain for the annual amount of US$250K each to the Mana, Darblo and Laar, as well as US$250K to both Manemasa and Seimavula Clans.”

Rep. Kiazolu added: “The people of Garwula need support from Bea Mountain and we want to appeal for their consideration.”