Liberia: HeForShe Boss Blasts Government

—- Celebrates United Nations International Day of Older Persons

Tamba Forkpah Johnson, the Executive Director of the He For She Crusaders Liberia , (HEFOSEL), has voiced disappointment in the government’s failure to provide for senior citizens. 

He urged the government to take strong and decisive action to protect senior citizens in Liberia rather than only making flowery human rights platitudes.

"Older Persons are not witchcraft, they are humans with expertise and experiences, let us stop ill-treatment against them," said Johnson.

The United Nations General Assembly issued Resolution 45/106 on April 14, 1990, designating October 1 of each year as a day to honor the amazing work done by older people.

Resilience and Contributions of Older Women is the national topic for this year’s event, which is being organized in Liberia for the first time by "He for She Crusaders for Peace."

The day was intended to conduct events honoring senior citizens for their priceless contributions to families, societal progress, and peace. 

Additionally, the day is observed so that stakeholders can raise their voices and make themselves known in national decision-making.

HEFOSEL commemorated the day with  several senior citizens from communities in Paynesville, with a call on the government to ensure that senior citizens are treated with care.

According to Johnson, people who have reached the aged og and above must be offered a high level of protection and tolerance at all levels.

The day was celebrated with traditional songs and dances at a local church in Joe Bar, Paynesville. 

The right to life, security, health, and the satisfaction of basic social necessities are among the fundamental rights guaranteed to all Liberians by the 1986 Liberian Constitution, according to Johnson.

He claims that because of all of these regulations, senior citizens in Liberia are being denied all of these rights and privileges.

Liberia has a population of approximately 5.3 million, according to the 2019-2020 Demographic Health Survey,  out of this, aged over 8 percent.

HEFOSEL boss believe these individuals have served Liberia this  in all dimensions as such they should be preferred treatment.

"By 2050, Africa will have an increase of over 101 million aged people, Liberia is a part of this global statistics according to World Health Organizations, if there will be such an increase,  appropriate mechanisms must be put in place to address the needs of the aged now," Johnson warned. 

"We are calling on the Legislators to consider the passage of the bill to ensure that the aged are protected in Liberia.  Finally,  let this be known that, Older Persons are not witchcraft, they are humans with expertise and experiences, let us stop ill-treatment against them."