Liberia: “He Can Never Be President”

The presidential candidate of Liberia’s opposition Unity Party and the country’s former vice-president, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai.


— Without calling name, Senate Chaplain narrates dream he had about “a former Vice President” 

The Chamber of the Liberian Senate yesterday was plunged into an unprecedented religious lecture,  when the Chaplain General of the Senate delivered a ‘revelation’ that an unnamed former Vice President of Liberia, will never be President.

Reverend Michael Holder, in a devotion for the 6th and last Session of the 54th Senate told the well attended program that the Lord has told him in a dream that he (God) does not care how hard he (unnamed former VP) fights, he can never be President of Liberia. 

“I don’t want to be like this man that God has denied, and the Lord said to me; ‘I don't care how hard he fights he can never be President of this country.’”

The chaplain, who was returning to Capitol Hill for the first time in a few months due to illness, told the Senators and those in attendance that God's decision is based on the former Vice President’s failure to live “a life that will show honor to God”.

“Because he (former VP) has not lived a life that will show honor to God; because God does not want for us to be wasteful. At the same time, God does not want us to act so mean to ourselves and feel that God has not blessed us.” 

No one could ascertain whether Chaplain Holder’s dream was truly by divine revelation or mere conjecture. Moreover, he did not say to whom he was referring in this dream, though he claims to "have known" the person in question. 

“I have known this man; he acts so mean to himself, and I had this dream, and God says, ‘because this man has not proven to people that I have blessed him, I don't care how old he is, I cannot use him,” Reverend Holder narrated. “If God will allow you to go twelve years and you are still broke, then you either are a bad manager, because you could not manage the resources that God gave you, or maybe you just don't want to give honor to God.”

He claimed that God has blessed him and he does not want to be like the man in his dream who he said always acts as though he is poor; “because God has got so angry with this man as I saw it in my dream.” 

It may be quite easy for one to guess the Rev. Holder’s riddle — a pusillanimous jab at a perceived political opponent. For if the Senate Chaplain — in the Senate Chamber — felt such an urge to divulge the dream the claims came from God, why did the chaplain fall short of saying the name of the person he dreamt about? 

And seeing that the dream was about a certain presidential candidate, what relevance did the Chaplain’s dream have in the Legislature in the first place? Would his ‘divine revelation’ not be better served at the Executive Mansion?

Regardless, the reverend urged the lawmakers not to forget to prioritize the welfare of the citizens that elected them, noting that those who are today advocating the replacement of the current leadership are likely to do worse. 

The Chaplain’s dream apparently resonated with the political penchant of the Senate President Pro-Tempore, Albert T. Chie, who ordered the Committee on Ways, Means and Finance to procure a brand new vehicle for Rev. Holder. 

Welcoming the Senators, the President of the Senate, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, lauded them for passing some very important legislations, but reminded them that there are equally some very important bills that are still in Committee rooms and need equal attention.

Despite the delayed submission of the 2023 national budget, which came on the eve of the Legislators final break in December, Vice President Taylor called for the expeditious passage of the said budget to help complete the Legislative mandate that may be spelled out when President George Manneh Weah presents his Legislative agenda (Annual Message) to the 54th Legislature on Monday.