Liberia: Gov’t Seeks Call Logs Linking Sierra Leone Police to Alleged Coup Plot

Mohammed Yaetey Turay, a former  Chief Superintendent of the Sierra Leonean Police

…. As Montserrado County Attorney says, ‘Liberia Won’t be Used for Subversive Activities’

Montserrado County Attorney, Cllr. Alhaji Sesay, has warned that the government will not allow the country's territory to be used for subversive activities in the sub-region.

Sesay's remarks come after the Liberia National Police arrested a former Chief Superintendent of the Sierra Leonean Police, whom President Julius Maada Bio claimed was involved in a recently foiled coup plot.

Mohammed Turay has been residing in Liberia since March 2022, after he was dismissed from the Sierra Leone Police in May 2020. 

“We will apprehend anyone who wants to use Liberia for subversive activities, and deal with him or her according to the law,” Sesay said on Monday as he requested Criminal Court ‘A’ to subpoena the two leading GSM companies in the country to provide information on the call logs of Turay.

“The situation of coup d’etat in the subregion isworrisome, and with our elections on hand, we have to jealously protect our democracy during this difficult period,” he said.

According to Sesay, his office is prepared and ready to legally cooperate with any country to extradite any of “their citizens in Liberia” based on subversive activities.

The subpoena request is looking at Turay call logs from the period of June 1 to August 4 -- “the period of the planning of the alleged coup d'etat and after it was foiled.”

Sierra Leonean authorities believe calls were exchanged among the planners of the coup on Liberian soil. Sesay’s revelation comes after he received a high-power military delegation from  Sierra Leone regarding Turay, who is among several individuals wanted by the government of Sierra Leone for the alleged foiled coup. 

The delegation also submitted an investigative document to Sesay alleging that several of its citizens in Liberia have been organizing subversive activities.