Liberia: GOL Lied About Contacting VP Boakai over "Poor Health"



-Says Unity Party

Press Statement

Unity Party terms as a diabolical lie, the statement from the Government of Liberia that suggests it has “initiated contacts with family members of the former Vice President and offered to help in whatever way they deem necessary…..”

It can be recalled that a certain fellow on the January 12, 2023 edition of Spoon FM's night show who goes by the moniker "Keff" reported that President George Weah called the former Vice President and standard bearer of the Unity Party and offered to fly him out of the country. The Unity Party and family members of Amb. Boakai refuted the criminally contrived propaganda as the public severely descended on such a childish, irresponsible, and desperate attempt by the Presidency to play politics with a momentarily unwell condition of a statesman.

The Unity Party considers the government’s release as yet another callous attempt to save face and create the false impression that Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s health condition is very serious and, that he is unable to pay his medical bills.

The Unit Party hereby informs the public that the failed and visibly out-of-favor government of George Weah has made no official contact with any member of the JNB family, nor has any family member requested the government for assistance.

Unity Party assures the public that the man poised to rescue Liberia at the hands of the failed CDC government is in a positive state of health and mentally alert to hit the ground running when elected as President of the Republic of Liberia on October 10' 2023.

The Unity Party warns the government and its surrogates to desist from the desperate and heartless effort to use the health condition of a statesman to redeem their lost image.

No doubt, the CDC government has failed to deliver on its promises. The man on a mission to transform Liberia, Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai, is developing ideas and necessary strategies for the upliftment of Liberians from the shackles of poverty.

Unity Party calls on its partisans, supporters, and Liberians everywhere to remain upbeat and unperturbed as the mission to elect JNB continues unabated.