Liberia: Ginnah Passes Away

Attorney Philip Nagbe Wesseh of The Inquirer newspaper in Monrovia


.... Tribute In Celebration of the Life of Veteran Journalist Philip Nagbe Wesseh (PNW)

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, you, Veteran Journalist Philip Nagbe Wesseh (PNW), passed away. But we people who love Liberia are here to say that your Memory will not pass away.

Your Memory will not pass away because you have become a part of the solution to the main problem of Liberia rather than a part of the problem. 

The main problem of Liberia remains longstanding and widespread poverty, which has become the pretext for violence, including coup d'etat and civil war. Your publications in the Vanguard Inquirer Newspaper help the people of Liberia to know how to solve problems non-violently, through the Rule of Law.

The knowledge that comes through your publications helps us to become motivated to do the right thing by working together within the Rule of Law to change the prevailing system of injustice into a system of Justice.

You are not called Ginnah for nothing by your Peers. You are called Ginnah for something. And that something is your ability "to use your head" to get news from places that others find impossible to get. So you see, with this kind of searching, finding, and sharing attitude, you remain helpful and relevant.

The people of Liberia continue to say: We Want Peace! No More War!. So, your work helps us to prevent war and bring peace through the knowledge that Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of Justice!

Some people are saying that your method of working is not working well because there is still poverty prevailing in a society dominated by the practice of corruption, the use of private human and financial resources for private benefit. In fact, the corruption goes on until the former colonial master, still, the master in control of the State gives the sanction command before the local government can issue any suspension order.

Some people are wondering why the sanctioning of corruption by the global master was not done during the previous State regime. The answer is that the previous State regime was generating an acceptable level of profits for the master. In effect, the present sanctions are a signal that the time has come for a State regime change — to get a State regime that would generate an acceptable level of profits for the master. Ironically, the global master continues to support the local corrupt State through grants, loans, and budgetary support.

But these greed-driven global masters and local State managers do not know that regime change is coming but not the one desired by them. While the master is looking for a new State regime that can generate an acceptable level of profit.