Liberia: Ganta City Mayor Designate’s Approval Rate Soars

Ganta City Mayor designate Mr. Samuel Hardt, left with Superintendent designate for Nimba Madam Kou Meapeh Gono upon their arrival in Ganta 

The approval rate for Ganta City Mayor designate, Mr. Samuel Hardt, has soared following his acquaintance visit to the city, with residents expressing satisfaction with his commitment to serve the people of Ganta and Nimba County diligently.

Hardt, awaiting confirmation from the Senate, has pledged to elevate Ganta to one of the best cities in Liberia if confirmed. During his recent visit alongside the newly appointed County Administration, Hardt emphasized the importance of assessing public facilities and addressing issues affecting the city and the county at large.

“We are on an assessment visit, looking at some of the public facilities and issues affecting Ganta and the county at large,” he said.

Known for his innovative approach and dedication to achieving positive outcomes, residents have voiced their support for Hardt’s vision for Ganta’s development. Concerns such as the lack of safe drinking water, undeveloped alleys, and the absence of a fire service system have been raised by citizens, highlighting the need for infrastructural improvements in the city.

“This man is innovative and always wants good results from anything he embarks on,” said an elderly woman. “This City needs someone who is innovative and with clean character.”

“We need a City Mayor that will focus on the development of the city, open avenues for businesses to boom, and bring in fire service to combat fire at the time addressing the water problem,” said Lusine Donso, a businessman.

Hardt has assured residents of his commitment to implementing comprehensive plans to modernize Ganta, including initiatives to address water scarcity, enhance public services, and establish a fire service system to safeguard the community.

In response to citizens’ calls for transformative change, Hardt has outlined his vision to collaborate with residents and local stakeholders to elevate Ganta to international standards, ensuring essential services such as piped water systems and fire protection are readily available.

“If I am confirmed, I promise to work collectively with the citizens to elevate this city to international standard, where a pipe-borne water system will be available, as well as other needed services, such as a fire service system,” he said.