Liberia: Ganta Business Community Pays Homage To Fallen Colleague

Members of the Ganta Business Community on November 25, 2023 honored and paid homage to a fallen colleague, Malcom Oldpa Worlehgbay Poden, who passed away weeks ago in the city.

The funeral of the late Poden took place in Karnplay over the weekend, where friends and members of the business community in Liberia gathered to remember him. Many spoke highly of Poden, describing him as a generous and compassionate individual who used his business skills to improve the lives of others.

Prince Howard, the proprietor of Alvino Hotels and CEO of RACE Construction Company, commended Poden for his down-to-earth nature and his ability to connect with people. The condolences expressed by those who attended the wake and funeral services were consistent.

“This man was so generous and was down to earth, who has business skills to improve the lives of others,” said Mr. Prince Howard, the Proprietor of Alvino Hotels across Nimba and also the Chief Executive Officer of RACE Construction Company said.    

“He was business literate and used his skills to get connected,” he added.

Poden was remembered as a respectful, humble person who always took the time to acknowledge and greet everyone he encountered. His trustworthiness and reliability in business dealings were highlighted by the management of Tarhini Construction, Premier Care Investment, and the group “DK Used Cars dealer.”

“He was a trustworthy person, who one could relax on in doing business,” said the Management of Tarhini Construction and Premier Care Investment.

“We have lost one of a trustworthy persons in Liberia,” said the group under banner ‘DK Used Cars dealer.

Phareze Dekpah, a renowned business tycoon in Ganta and CEO of DEKTA Inc, described Poden as a good friend in business. During the funeral service, the preacher, Rev. Moses W. Wonbenyshkeh, reminded the congregation that death in Christ is not the end, as those who die in Christ will be resurrected when He returns.

The preacher also emphasized the belief of the ancient people of Nimba in life after death and the existence of different realms based on one’s behavior in life. The pastor encouraged the congregation to have a personal relationship with Christ so that they may experience eternal life with Him.

“It is certain that once who died in Christ will raise from death when Christ shall come again in glory,” Wonbenyshkeh  said.

“Let’s know Christ for ourselves and serve him with our whole heart,” he said.

Poden’s journey in the business world began as a store boy after his high school graduation. He eventually ventured into the petroleum business, owning a mini gas station in Karnplay. Later, he became the first distributor of Lonestar (now MTN) scratch cards and sims in Ganta, while also operating a business center specializing in selling babies’ attire.

Poden was known for his diverse entrepreneurial skills, which connected him with numerous businesspeople from different backgrounds. Several groups, including the Dorcah Women, the Fundamental Baptist Church, the Federation of Road Transport Union, the Glorious Women, Gbehlay Wonen, and the Muslim Community, also paid their respects and shared their tributes.

The Ganta Muslim Community remembered Poden for his significant contributions to the reconstruction of their mosque, despite being a Christian. They considered him to be more Muslim than Christian based on his support. Poden is survived by his wife, eight children, and a large extended family both in and out of Liberia.

He was laid to rest at the family cemetery in Karnplay City.