Liberia: Firestone Senior High School Graduates 190

Firestone Senior High School, Class of 2023 saw 190 students passing both the national and school examinations to graduate from high school.

— Investing in next generation

One of Firestone Liberia’s social impact goals is inclusive and accessible education. The Firestone School System consists of 23 schools, which start from pre-K to 12th grade. Children and families of Firestone’s teammates can attend Firestone’s Schools tuition-free. The Firestone School System employs over 250 educators and administrators and has an enrollment of about 7,000 students each year. In addition, the Company invests $150,000 annually in scholarships for higher education opportunities for both teammates’ dependents and for qualifying students from around the country.  Firestone Liberia’s commitment to excellence in education has been key in shaping the lives of both its teammates and their families. This unwavering dedication is demonstrated by the exemplary performance of the 2023 Graduating Class of Firestone Senior High School, who celebrated their achievement at the 15th Commencement Convocation of Firestone Senior High School held this past Sunday, September 17.

This year’s graduation ceremony was marked by incredible pride in the Firestone Senior High School students and teachers. This year’s class saw 190 students passing both the national and school examinations to graduate from high school.

The commencement address was given by Julateh K. Mulbah, a Firestone Scholar and 2012 graduate of the Firestone School System. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ashesi University in Ghana and a master’s degree in Micro Data Analysis from Dalarna University, Sweden. Julateh is now a data scientist who is passionate about sustainable development. Julateh encouraged the students at her alma mater to leverage technology to build businesses and grow their careers: 

“Social media should not just be used for posting jokes or funny things; use it to leverage the opportunity to connect with people or search for links that will improve your life. Remember that there is competition between you and so many others outside the walls of Firestone.”

Julateh’s story and the excellent performance by the Class of 2023 speak to the collective efforts and dedication of the students, their parents, teachers and school administrators, and Firestone’s investments in the community and youth of Liberia. Firestone School focuses on investing in talent through quality free education and valuable scholarship opportunities. This is all done while empowering students to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential, which is why Firestone High School continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of its employees and the wider community.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023.