Liberia: Firestone Liberia School System Graduates 462 Students

Valedictorian Zinnah Vankeh, class of 2020/2021.

Firestone Liberia commemorated its 12th and 13th high school graduating classes on February 6, 2022, with a total of 462 graduates participating in baccalaureate and commencement ceremonies.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the program featured a joint graduation ceremony honoring the classes of academic years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. 

“My father is a company tapper, and my mother is a full-time homemaker. I enrolled in the Firestone School System at the elementary level and today am graduating as valedictorian of my class. Through prayers, hard work and determination, I made it. Firestone Senior High School provides a good learning environment, with well-equipped science labs and other facilities to help us learn. I want to thank the management of Firestone Liberia – thank you, Firestone,” said Samuel Y. Kollie, class of 2019/2020.

Zinnah Vankeh, class of 2020/2021 said, “I have been in the Firestone Liberia school system since kindergarten, and today I graduate at the top of my class as valedictorian. It has not always been easy, but to acquire success, you must work hard. Today, I am number one in my class, and next I plan to go on to study Environmental Science at the Stella Maris University in Monrovia.” 

“The best form of power is education, and I am very proud of the accomplishments of these two graduating classes. Firestone Liberia will continue to strive for highest levels of academic standards in order to prepare our students for the brightest future possible,” said Don Darden, general manager, Firestone Liberia. 

Jeanine Milly Cooper, Minister of Agriculture for the Republic of Liberia served as commencement speaker, with other guests, leadership of Firestone Liberia,  and family members of the graduates in attendance.  

“You are on a new verge of life. Look around you for the abundance of opportunities. Liberia needs you. Your country needs you to build new dreams and inspire hope in your generation with the solid foundation you have received from the Firestone School System”, Agriculture Minister Cooper said.  “There is a special bond of mutual understanding that keeps us working together in the interest of the people of Liberia; thank you Firestone,” she continued.