Liberia: Fiancé of Murdered Girl, 18, Arrested as Prime Suspect

Valington Kaiser.

By Gbolu Beyan, Intern

The Liberia National Police has arrested a 20-year-old man, identified as Valington Kaiser, a resident of Iron Gate Community in Brewerville, for his alleged involvement in the gruesome murder of 18-year-old Fatu Blasuah.

On May 16, at 6:30 pm, the lifeless body of the victim, Fatu Blasuah, a resident of Chicken Soup Factory Gulf Community, was discovered with several stabbing wounds on her body in the Old LPRC Compound, which now houses several factories including a biscuit factory complex and a steel-making factory.

During a police preliminary investigation, a silver knife with a green handle was discovered on the scene. The police probe also further identified suspect Valington Kaiser in a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) recording of the scene where the victim was discovered dead on the day of the incident, contrary to his account that he placed the victim on a motorbike for her to leave for home.

Information also has it that Fatu and suspect Valington were in a dating relationship prior to her death. 

Family sources said Fatu had gone to her fiancé’s residence prior to her death. A man who identified himself as a relative but did not disclose his name said, “she was carrying her boyfriend’s phone at his home in the shoe factory community after which she didn’t return home.”

This, he said, prompted members of the family to launch a search for her, “We went looking for her everywhere we thought she could be but did not see her. We make numerous calls to her number but there was no response.”

The relatives resorted to going home and hoping she would return in the morning. However, their hope was dashed when they received news of a dead body being found in a zinc round kitchen in the LPRC fence in the industrial park area in Gardnersville.

Meanwhile, suspect Valington Kaiser is presently in Police custody at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police, undergoing investigation, while the remains of the victim have been deposited at the Abraham Roberts Funeral Home for preservation.

It is recorded that residents in the vicinity of the Industrial Park in Gardnersville, on early Monday morning, awoke to a shocking discovery of the lifeless body of an 18-year-old girl who had gone missing for hours. Fatu Blasuah, the victim, was found lying in a pool of blood in an old zinc shack in the LPRC community.

Bloodstains from the deceased were discovered spilled around the immediate areas where she lay — a sign that she might have fought with her killer(s) prior to her death. The zinc structure, according to residents, serves as a food center, known locally as “Cold Bowl shop” and is left abandoned at night.

Residents from far and near trooped to the area in their numbers to witness for themselves the gruesome manner in which the deceased lost her life. The identity of the deceased was later revealed by relatives who arrived on the scene after they were called.

They said they had been in search of Fatu since Sunday evening and were worried about the unthinkable which, unfortunately, eventually befell them. A man who also identified himself as the “Spiritual Father” of the deceased, quotes the boyfriend as saying that “Fatu indeed went to his house but he sent her home on a motorbike because she wasn't feeling well.”