Liberia: Fear of Armed Robbery Grips Ganta 

 Enoch Saye, a commuter from Monrovia, was attacked on the main street of Ganta, opposite the F2 commercial complex.

As Liberians prepare to celebrate their National Independence Day on July 26, there are reports of serious insecurity among the residents of Ganta City in Nimba County.

Many armed robbers are seen on the various street corners around the city, particularly during night hours around 11 pm to 12 am harassing peaceful residents. Ganta, one of Liberia’s bustling commercial centers, hosts travelers from neighboring countries Guinea and La Côte d’Ivoire.

But recently, the residents of the city have been complaining of an increase in acts of burglary, especially during late-night hours. At about 4 am on Monday, July 4, two unknown motorcyclists, transporting criminals, entered the valley community area in Ganta and broke into some homes. However, the criminals did not succeed with their evil plans as they were strongly resisted by the community people.

Enoch Saye, a commuter from Monrovia, was attacked on the main street of Ganta, opposite the F2 commercial complex. The criminals gashed him with a sharp object and took away his bag containing about US$1,060 and L$ 65,000.

“Upon my arrival in Ganta at about noon, finding a bike to get to the house, a group of men with sharp objects gashed me on my chest, under my arms, and on my side, and forcibly took away my bag, which contained a huge sum of money,” he said.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed the appalling security situation, stating that the increasing wave of crime in the city can be attributed to the release of 23 high-profile criminals from the Sanniquellie prison. According to the police, the criminals released were charged with various crimes, including loitering and illegal possession of lethal weapons, and theft of property, among others.

The police said according to the Court, those released have been in prison for a long with none of the complainants making any effort to pursue their cases. During the opening of the May Term of Court this year, Judge Roland F. Dahn described the congestion of the Sanniquellie prison as alarming. He said he has called on the prosecution and the defense lawyers to dwell on substantive issues that will decongest the prison.

Ganta has an influx of people particularly during holidays. But, the lack of logistics to enhance effective police patrol at night, police have said, is another factor leading to the increase in the insecurity in and around Ganta.

Some people believed that with the level of population growth in the city, there should be enough police officers armed to keep the security of the city. Recently, police seized a firearm from a notorious drug lord, Justice Hne, after he and his gangs seized the main Street of Ganta.

“If the government does not step up security in this noble city by raiding the narcotic drug dealers and also increasing constant night patrol, criminals will continue to hijack people on a broad day,” said Emmanuel, who works with the public transport company