Liberia: Evelyn's Restaurant to Shut Down after 14 Years



Evelyn's Restaurant in Monrovia will close its doors on Friday, January 20, after 14 years in operation, the restaurant announced on its official social media page.

The announcement comes one year and six months after the death of Madam Hawa-Ellen Knuckles, the owner of the restaurant.

Madam Knuckles died on Monday, July 5, from kidney failure at St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital, according to the family.

“Evelyn’s Restaurant is closing its doors. Our last day of operations will be Friday, January 20, 2023. For over 14 years, we operated as a 100% Liberian-owned and operated entity, and we thank you for your patronage that allowed us to do so. We encourage you to support other Liberian-owned businesses.

It has been our honor to serve you over the years, and once again, we say thank you,” the statement said.