Liberia: Electrical Fire Leaves 3 Kids Dead in Rehab

Eyewitnesses say community dwellers came out to fight the fire but the fire was too huge to control.

The family of three children who died in a horrible late-night house fire yesterday in the Rehab, Cooper Farm Community has blamed the Liberia National Fire Service for not responding to their cries.

The bodies of the children — ages 8, 11, and 17 — were burned beyond recognition after community dwellers struggled to rescue them from the three-bedroom house and a shop that was reportedly destroyed as a result of electric shock. A relative of the grieving family, Ezekiel Freeman, said that the fire broke out at 11:00 pm and they immediately called the LNSF to come to their rescue.

However, they were informed that there was no water in the truck to put out the fire.

“With the little manpower and materials we had, we were unable to rescue the three children. LNFS informed us that they do not have water in the truck to fight the fire. We tried them again but they never responded to us,” Freeman said with grief.

He added that despite their attempts to break through the walls, the three children were unable to escape and were reduced to ashes by the fire. 

“We are going to bury them. We can’t keep them; they were burned beyond recognition. We are so sad and we won’t be able to replace this loss,’’ Freeman added. 

Freeman continued: “We asked that people refrain from speculation and accusing fingers surrounding the passing of our beautiful children. All we need now is prayers and consolation.

“This is the country we find ourselves in; nobody cares for life and property. How can the Fire Service tell us that they do not have water in their truck to help save lives and property?” Freeman said sadly. 

Watta Thomas, another distressed resident, narrated that the community dwellers came out to fight the fire but the fire was too huge to control.  “Everybody came out to help but the fire was too heavy, and we lost three beautiful and smart children.”

As a mother of four, Thomas is distressed and sad over the loss of the three children and is sending prayers and comfort to the family. 

“We are in prayers with the family,” she said. “It’s not easy to lose your child, especially in a horrible fire. But God will console and help them. He is the giver of life.”

According to her, there were no tenants in the house. The house is a family house and the deceased lived there with their parents. “The house belongs to the family, there were no tenants. We just saw heavy smoke coming out of the house and people started shouting and calling for help.”