Liberia: UP Elder Council Urges Boakai Against Witch-hunt

…. Wants Weah and his officials audited within the confines of the Laws

The National Elder Council of the soon-to-be ruling Unity Party (UP) has advised President-Elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai against engaging in any form of witch-hunt against outgoing President George Weah and his officials. Instead, the council recommends that a thorough audit be conducted within the confines of Liberian laws.

The council, in a statement issued on Wednesday, November 29, says it welcomes calls from Civil Society Organizations and other concerned Liberians for accountability from the outgoing administration. However, they emphasize that this audit should be free from grudges or malice in order to maintain the positive intentions of the new government.

“We do not want genuine efforts on the part of our party [that] lead this country in the right trajectory to be misconstrued with the wrong signal being sent out there,” a statement signed by the Chairman, Publicity Committee of the council, Anthony L.M. Boakai, and approved by K Jonathan Nyankolor, Chairman, said. “While the Council welcomed calls from Civil Society Organizations and well-meaning Liberians for an audit of the Weah administration, the council wishes to caution the President-elect to conduct such an audit within the confines of the law.”

The council also reminds everyone that, according to Liberian law, an accused individual is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. They call on Liberians to refrain from name-calling, finger-pointing, and passing judgment based on assumptions towards former and incoming officials.

The council also recognizes that the responsibility of maintaining peace in the country lies with every Liberian, inside or outside of the government.

The council urges President-Elect Boakai and his incoming cabinet to make every effort to reconcile the Liberian people who currently appear to be divided along party lines and harboring anger toward one another.

They appreciate and fully support Boakai's commitment to forming an inclusive government. The council also commends outgoing President Weah for peacefully relinquishing power after the November 14th run-off election and encourages those who will be defeated in the future to follow his example.

Meanwhile, the UP Elder Council also congratulated the President-elect and Vice President-elect for their remarkable electoral feat at the polls.

This commendation comes as Boakai and his senior lieutenant continue to receive congratulatory messages from world leaders, civil society organizations, and political parties for their victory during the November 14th presidential runoff elections.

While congratulating Ambassador Boakai and Vice President-Elect Jeremiah Kpan Koung for their remarkable achievement, the National Elder Council is calling on them to ensure that Liberia’s fragile peace is sustained through the strengthening of weak laws that would help to nurture the country’s cherished democracy.