Liberia: ‘An Educated People Can Build A Better Country’

 Members of the 2nd Graduating Class of Harbel College

— Deputy Speaker Koffa Says, Charges Harbel College graduates to be patriotic ad service-oriented Liberians

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Fonati Koffa, has said that Liberia can only become a better country when adequate investment is made in the people, especially in developing the capacity of the young people through the provision of quality education.

“Education is a tool that, when used properly and adequately, can transform any society,” the Grand Kru County District #2 Representative said while serving as the speaker of the 2nd commencement convocation of Harbel College in Margibi County over the weekend.

He noted that everyone’s motivation, in addition to personal satisfaction, behind their pursuit of college education, should be about making his or her family, community and country better.

“There should be a series of questions that should run through your minds as you walk out of Harbel College today,” the Deputy Speaker told the graduates, while drawing in a series of rhetorical questions: “What are your contributions to the larger society? Why are you here? Why did you put in so much time in studying your notes, learning the basics of your field? Why did you do that apart from your individual accomplishments?”

“It is to make this country better. It is to make this district better. It is to make your families better,” he told the graduates. “This is what your accomplishments here today should be about. It is about how you collectively muster the will, the ability, and capacity to become better people and make our society better.”

He urged the graduates to celebrate themselves for their great achievements. “Today is about you. Today is about the monumental achievement you have made in moving from one place of your life to another,” the Grand Kru lawmaker said. 

He described college as an enduring step, adding that it is the most important phase in the life of an individual—being the start up where one makes his or her first sets of major decisions as an adult.

Photo 2: Deputy Speaker, J. Fonati Koffa, speaks at the 2nd commencement convocation of Harbel College

“It is often said that college is an enduring step. The first time we move out of our parents’ homes and out of their control is when we enter college,” Deputy Speaker Koffa noted.

“It is when you make the determination whether or not you will go to class; whether or not you will go to this social event; whether or not you will study or play. He said. “This is the first time in your life as an adult that you start to make choices, and depending on the choices you make, determine who gets here or elsewhere in the future. So congratulations on the first step. You have endured.”