Liberia: Drama at Monrovia Central Prison

…. As ‘mad’ female inmate goes wild

By Jerome Carngbe

Concerns are growing over the safety of prisoners around the country, particularly the Monrovia Central Prison, after a mentally ill female reportedly caused panic on Thursday, October 12, in the female quarters of the Prison.

The woman, who was taken to the South Beach prison as a pretrial detainee, stretched several female correctional officers who struggled to subdue her using all professional means, including physical containment.

In her rampage, the deranged woman reportedly attacked Justice Gloria Musu Scott's Aunt (old Lady Rebecca Youdeh Wisner). The physical attack reportedly left Wisner traumatized. 

The female quarter of the Monrovia Central Prison is where former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three of her family members are detained while going through their trial in connection with the death of her foster daughter, Charloe Musu.

Several civil society organizations and individual Liberians have, over the years, raised concern about the safety of both inmates and correctional officers who are poorly equipped and are working under difficult conditions in the various prisons.

Thursday's incident has even increased the growing need to adequately equip correctional officers and prison officials and establish well-funded trauma counseling and mental health therapy facilities to handle such cases.

The mentally unstable woman in question has reportedly been taken out of the prison compound for therapy and/or medical attention.