Liberia: Dr. Olu Q. Menjay is Inducted as Tubman University’s 4th President

Rev. Dr. Olu Q. Menjay was on Tuesday, November 28 inducted as the fourth president of the William V.S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County. 

Performing the induction ceremony at the 4th investiture program in Harper, the chairman of the board of trustees, Rev. Dr. Julius S. Nelson, extended the board’s profound gratitude to the faculty, administration, staff, and students for reaching this far.

“We have reached this milestone in Tubman University’s history due to your commitment, dedication, peace, and reconciliation,” Dr. Nelson said. “I am grateful to you all for your support, understanding, collaboration, and partnership in assisting the board of trustees and government of Liberia [and] for maintaining calm and stability at the University. 

He called on Rev. Dr. Olu Menjay to uphold the charter of the university.

Dr. Menjay’s appointment as president of the university is in keeping with section 2, Article 4 of the university charter, which says: “The president of the university shall be the chief executive officer and shall be appointed by the board of trustees upon his/ her nomination by the visitor of the university. In such terms and conditions as it is in the same faith, he/she shall be responsible for the discipline of the university.”

He also congratulated Dr. Menjay for his preferment and his acceptance to serve the people of Liberia throughTubman University in Maryland.

“The board of trustees has explicit confidence and trust in you to diligently perform your function as president and that you will serve well,” Nelson said.

He urged the students, staff, faculty, and the people of Maryland to accord Dr. Menjay the needed atmosphere in the discharge of his duties. 

In his acceptance remarks, Menjay extended thanks to President George Manneh Weah for his appointment as president of William V.S. University and promised to uphold the trust and confidence reposed in him.

He said he will foster global academic partnerships to ensure that Tubman University becomes a place of excellent and quality  education.

“I have inherited William V. S. Tubman University. Look at me; I will NOT bring you down,” he told the audience at the occasion commemorating the University's 4th investiture and 10th commencement convocation. 

Dr. Menjay, a scholar and innovative leader with a strong standing in international relations, emphasized the importance of connecting William V.S. Tubman University with institutions across the world.

“William V. S. Tubman University must again engage in collaborative and productive initiatives with international partners to ensure that our students and faculty benefit from diverse opportunities,” he said.

Meanwhile Dr. Menjay has outlined significant plans to establish and strengthen relationships with other universities and institutions globally. Such plans aim to enhance student exchanges and joint development initiatives to source academic programs to the university. 

Dr. Menjay said he envisions Tubman University as a hub for global learning and partnership. 

“Establishing partnerships with institutions from different corners of the world, we can broaden our horizons and contribute to a more interconnected academic community,” Dr. Menjay explained.

His emphasis on international connections aligns with the university’s mission to prepare students for global competition.

Dr. Menjay’s commitment to enhancing global collaboration and partnership has already started bearing fruit. At the commencement exercises, the president of the Morningside University, Dr. Albert Mosley, awarded two international scholarships to Tubman University students to study in public health and nursing in the United States of America.

Dr. Mosley also disclosed that Tubman University will also benefit from a faculty exchange program with the African University in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Menjay’s vision underscores a commitment to positioning William V.S. Tubman University on the international stage, ensuring a future of academic excellence and global engagement.