Liberia: “Dr. Cassell's Dream is Not Dead”

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell

—MOVEE sympathizes with PLP

The Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has made a request to the chairman and members of the People's Liberation Party (PLP) of the late Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, that they continue to work toward the vision and objectives that the party's founder had for the organization. 

On behalf of Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, who is the leader of MOVEE, the Chairman of MOVEE, Robert M. Sammie, extended condolences to the family of the late Dr. Cassell, the leader of the PLP.

MOVEE stated that Cassell had a vision for Liberia and its people, which he expressed through the People's Liberation Party, and that Cassell is not dead as long as his legacy and vision live on in the party. MOVEE also stated that Cassell's vision for Liberia and its people was expressed through the People's Liberation Party. 

According to the chairman of MOVEE, the "father of a revolution" cannot pass away as long as his vision is carried on by others who believe in him and “what he stood for.” 

“We are writing to inform you that Cassell is very much alive and well. He will continue to live as long as the revolution that he started for the liberation of Liberians from benightedness in all of its forms through the People's Liberation Party continues to exist (PLP).”

"As a believer in revolution, a father of a revolution does not die as long as the revolution lives after they are passed," Sammie continues. “And  Cassell will not regret when he looks back except that you failed to uphold the vision of the revolution of the People Liberation Party, but from the setup and the caliber of people we see in the room, we are assured and we pray that his dream continues to live on. As a believer in revolution, as long.”

The Chairman of MOVEE stated that his party and the PLP have many things in common, which was demonstrated by the presence of two of the MOVEE's former officials, whom he jokingly claimed are still members of his party. He stated that "once a mover, always a mover," which means that "once a mover, always a mover." 

On December 27,  the People's Liberation Party issued a statement in Monrovia confirming that its political leader, Cassell, had passed away. According to the report, the company's visionary passed away from a heart attack at his residence in the United States. 

According to Kalifala Kromah, the National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs of the party, Dr. Cassell suffered a fatal heart attack as he was climbing the stairs of his home after an early morning workout. 

According to him, medical professionals at a hospital pronounced Dr. Cassell dead after they attempted to resuscitate him but were unable to do so successfully. 

The passing of the party's visionary has left the PLP with a sense of loss, according to the National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs of the PLP.