Liberia: Deputy Speaker Completes 3 Schools, 2 Ongoing

John Fannoh Karpeh Elem School

 — 2nd clinic, 20 handpumps, others in construction

Deputy Speaker, Rep. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa continues to make more developmental strides in Grand Kru County, with the construction of the Taybue Elementary School,  making it the 3rd school.

The school is located in the Taybue Community, Buah Statutory  District, District#2, Grand Kru County. Taybue is about a three-hour drive from Barclayville. 

Winnie Nyanti, the Project Coordinator of Grand Kru  County, District #2 Representative, and Liberia’s Deputy  Speaker, said the dedication and turnover of the school will be soon, after being furnished.

Winnie told journalists in Taybue that the school is in L-Shape, comprising 11 rooms — seven classrooms, along with a bathroom, office, cafeteria and instructional room.

Chris Joboe, District #2, Grand Kru County Coordinator also told the media, that the first and second schools were constructed, furnished and are in use, with the enrollment of over 900 students.

The first school, John Fannoh Karpeh Elementary School, is located in Chemgbetee Town, Dorboh Statutory; while the second school — the George Tugbeh Worjloh Elementary School is in Sasstown, Jroa Statutory  District.

Joboe added that besides  the three completed  schools, the Deputy Speaker is erecting two additional schools.

The District  Coordinator indicated that the Sally Toogbabou School in Wropluken,  Buah Statutory District is 90% complete and the Kayken School in Barclayville is about 70% complete. 

Chris said, besides the schools, the Deputy Speaker is also constructing the Tarken Community Town Hall as well as the homes of And Ahteenah Radio Station in Barclayville and Voice of Sasstown in Felorkrie, Saastown.

Furthermore,  the Deputy  Speaker has renovated the Buah Jlateken  Clinic and is funding its operations including the payment of all the staffers.

The Deputy  Speaker in consultation with the County Health Team and the Grand  Kru County Legislative  Caucus is poised to begin the renovation of the Bolloh Jlateken Clinic. 

Meanwhile, the Deputy  Speaker has begun the construction additional  10 handpumps after installing  10 handpumps in communities across District #2, Grand Kru County.