Liberia: Defeated Harper District Candidate Endorses Pres. Weah

Ellen Blessing Howe-Tweh, a candidate who ran and lost in the recent legislative and presidential elections in Harper District, has endorsed President George Weah for a second term ahead of the upcoming presidential runoff election on November 14.

Speaking to supporters in the district on Friday, October 27, Howe-Tweh, who previously served as the Mayor of Harper City, stated that she is endorsing President Weah based on his achievements during his first term in office. She believes that President Weah is the best option for Liberia and that it is important for him to be given a second term to complete the many developmental initiatives he has started across the country.

Howe-Tweh, who ran on the ticket of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), came third place in the October 10 legislative election for the Maryland County District 1 seat. Garnering just 2,142 votes (13.57%), she trailed behind William W. Wallace (IND) by exactly 3,000 votes. Wallace lost narrowly to incumbent candidate P. Mike Jurry (CDC). 

During President Weah’s first term, Howe-Tweh remarked that there has been significant tangible development in various sectors such as agriculture, education, security, health, and infrastructure, among others.

Howe-Tweh also expressed her support for the Weah-Taylor ticket, highlighting their contributions to the Liberian people and emphasizing the need to grant them a second chance to serve the country.

She considers President Weah as the better choice in the upcoming election and urges him and his team to view her endorsement as a challenge to govern effectively if reelected for a second term.

Howe-Tweh calls on all her supporters who trust her judgment to join her in supporting President Weah to victory, as they work towards fulfilling his development agenda under the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.

She further mentioned her resolve to vigorously campaign throughout the district and the country, urging her supporters, sympathizers, and friends to join her in ensuring that the people of Harper District vote for President Weah, just as they did in the previous legislative elections, and even to go beyond that in the upcoming presidential runoff.

“We are resolved to vigorously campaign throughout the length and breadth of our district and country,” she said. “We want to make sure that president Weah is retained as the next president of Liberia, there is no room for opposition in Harper district and so we need to put on our rain gears, shoes to embark on the struggle for a better Liberia.” 

Despite not winning the election, Howe-Tweh expressed her gratitude to the people of Harper District for their votes and extended her thanks to national and international organizations and donors for promoting the importance of women participating in politics.

She acknowledged the disappointing outcome for female candidates in the elections, emphasizing that it sends a clear message that women will only achieve greater gender equality when they stand united in support of each other.

Howe-Tweh encouraged women not to compromise their values for anyone, emphasizing their important role as pillars of society.