Liberia: Defeated CPP Rep. Candidate Endorses Weah

Former Bong County Electoral District #4 Representative candidate, Jonah Nulee Togbah, has made a surprising announcement by endorsing incumbent President George M. Weah in the upcoming runoff elections.

Despite falling short of victory by a narrow margin, Togbah aims to rally his supporters behind President Weah’s re-election bid.

In a press conference held on Saturday, October 28, Togbah expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he received throughout his campaign.

Acknowledging the collective desire for progress and unity among his constituents, he stated, “While I may not have secured the mandate of the people, we must rally behind a leader who embodies our shared aspirations and can steer our nation towards a brighter future.”

Togbah was a staunch supporter of CPP presidential candidate, Alexander B. Cummings, who placed 5th in the overall presidential election held on October 10. The former Bong legislative candidate’s unexpected endorsement may have a significant impact on the dynamics of the upcoming elections, particularly in District #4 where Togbah has a substantial support base.

While the outcome of the runoff elections remains uncertain, Togbah said his decision to back President Weah came after extensive consultations with his campaign team and key stakeholders.

Highlighting the president’s accomplishments during his tenure, Togbah emphasized the need for continuity and stability in the face of ongoing challenges.

“Weah has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to our nation's development,” Togbah stated.

He said rallying around the president will ensure Liberians work together collectively towards a prosperous and inclusive society.

However, time will tell if this endorsement will prove decisive in shaping Liberia’s political landscape or contribute to the complexity of an already tightly contested electoral process.