Liberia: Cuttington University Dedicates New Graduate School Annex

Second from right: Drs. Isaac, Browne, Sellee and Horton; and Prof. Jayjay (with mic)

The President of Cuttington University (CU), Dr. Romelle A. Horton, has dedicated a new annex of the University's School of Graduate and Professional Studies (CUSGPS) aimed at helping to alleviate the infrastructural challenges facing the institution. 

The new facility includes the finance department, theater, department of dean, registrar’s office, vice president’s office, and four regular classrooms. 

“We are going to light, feed and grow not only this university but this nation. It takes the efforts of all of us working together to achieve that. What we have put into it is what makes it possible and you all deserve appreciation for the job done. We are all working together to ensure that Cuttington continues to be the Cuttington we want to be for all of us,” Horton said.

According to her, nobody can do it for the university but only they (Cuttington University and its alumni associations at home and abroad), who have been doing it and will continue to do it.  “It’s your idea, my idea, and their ideas and their vision to make it what it is today.” 

She lauded the government, Board of Trustees, administration, alumni association, and the students for their guidance and support as well as collaboration. 

“We need to give back to the university. Let’s be serviceable because, through giving back, we get. We all need to know that we are not done yet and we have much more to do.”

The chairman of the Board of Trustees of Cuttington University, The Rt. Rev. Dr. James B. Sellee, who officially cut the ribbon to the new facility, lauded the administration headed by Dr. Horton for the great work.

“We will continue to help you to make Cuttington University the best. We are happy and thankful to everyone who helped to ensure the completion of this facility,” Sellee said.

According to Horton, the university has five campuses and all are interrelated. 

The vice president of Cuttington University School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Dr. Joseph T. Isaac, said the new facility was much needed for the work at the graduate school.

Isaac said the graduate school currently has over 600 students and scheduling of students for classes has become a problem because of lack of space. 

“After the opening of this facility, we will still need additional space and some will be done via technology (online classes),” Dr. Isaac said. “We promised you, madam president, of utilizing this space to the fullest and today the building is complete. We are grateful to you but we need equipment for this new facility.” 

Former President of Cuttington University, Dr. Herman Browne, said he was delighted that the building is sufficiently completed and now being put into use while lauding vice president Isaac for a great job and bringing the building to completion.

“It must have taken the love of physical discipline and financial sturdiness as well as the promise made to madam president to be timely fulfilled. Thank you for the resourcefulness and the hard work and I am excited to be a part of and celebrate with you,” Browne said.

He lauded Horton for being in touch with previous presidents of the university and who has her ways of growing on advice and expertise as well as keeping in touch with students and administration.