Liberia: Cuttington Bestows Honorary Doctorates on Jeety, VP Howard Taylor

Vice President of Liberia, Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, left with Upjit Singh Sachdeva

The Cuttington University has bestowed upon business tycoon Upjit Singh Sachdeva and Vice President Jewel Howard- Taylor each the degree of Doctor Humane Letters (LHD) Honoris Causa, with all the rights and privileges thereto.

The University Board of Trustees announced at its 60th commencement convocation that the Indian business tycoon was being honored for his “proven track record of goodwill, and accomplishments in catering to the less fortunate in Liberia.

Cuttington University Acting President, Dr. Romelle A. Horton, while conferred the honorary degree on Sachdeva, alias Jeety, said that the honoree is an accomplished businessman, philanthropist, and diplomat whose business empire spreads across the globe with investments from Liberia to the United States. 

“He is a real estate mogul, hotelier, timber products dealer, pharmacies operators as well as a general merchant in building materials with storefronts scattered across the metroplex. On his philanthropism, he is recognized across Liberia as a force in several humanitarian causes from feeding the homeless population,  the less fortunate and to donating to emergency situations.”

“Notably, Sachdeva wears many hats. He has presented papers and lectures. His presentations have taken him from Liberia to South Africa, India, and Canada. His recognition in many quarters and disciplines of life indicate how versatile he is as a businessman and scholar, who believes in paying it forward but holds a firm belief in the upliftment of others, comity, and relationship. He has been a true friend of Liberia and the Liberian people," Dr. Horton said.

Dr. Horton noted that with all the above considerations, the university Board of Trustees became convinced that he deserved an Honorary Degree, adding that  “Therefore, in recognition of the above-referenced facts, likewise appreciation for your selfless services to humanity and Liberians, Board of Trustees and Faculty Senate of the Cuttington University now hereby confer upon you, Upjit Singh Sachdeva, the Degree of Doctor Humane Letters (LHD) Honoris Causa, with all the rights and privileges thereto appertaining.”

Jeety, the former Indian Honorary Consul General to Liberia, holds several other awards including an LHD from the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University in April 2021, where he delivered that university’s commencement convocation address. 

He served on several boards of corporations and institutions including the University of Liberia, Booker T. Washington Institute (BWI), and Cuttington University, which conferred upon him the degree.

The University also bestowed an LHD on Vice President Howard- Taylor who is an Alumni of Cuttington University and a past recipient of several honorary doctorate degrees from Costa Rica, to Nigeria to Accra and others.

VP Howard- Taylor in her commencement address, reminded the graduates that “ those who change history are ones who see beyond the ordinary; ignore the limits of present circumstances and times; and by their amazing actions, inspire a generation to work together to change the status quo.”

“Never allow others to change things for you, you must build what your eyes have seen and your heart believes. For though daily realities are constantly changing, everyday miracles are happening all around us, destinies are being forged and wonders abound everywhere. so find your star and reach for it,” the Liberian Vice President said. 

“Remember that the visions in your head, translate into the words you speak, which create either the limits of your circumstances or the expansion of your growth into the magical realm,” she added.