Liberia: Cummings Trashes ‘Gay’ Allegations -Terms reports of his involvement as Nonsense

Alexander Cummings, the Presidential Candidate of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP)



….“That’s nonsense, because I am not [gay]. I am a God fearing man who believes in God,”  Cummings said at a political rally in Bong County.

Alexander Cummings has unequivocally denied any involvement in homosexual activities, having termed the allegation “nonsense.”

Cummings, who is one of the three frontrunners for the October 10 polls, has heard people accuse him of being gay ever since 2017, when he first ran for president, even though there is no evidence to link him to such a thing. 

“They can’t tell you I have stolen from anyone in Liberia or anywhere in the world,” said Cummings, who is running for President on the Collaborating Political Parties ticket. “But all they have to say is that I am a gay man, and that’s nonsense, because I am not. I am a God fearing man who believes in God.”

“I’m happily married to my wife Theresa Cummings for 40 years now, and we are blessed with two children and 5 grandchildren,” Cummings added while in Bong County as he was being endorsed by some church leaders for the Liberian presidency.

Cummings noted that he is being falsely linked to gay practice by his opponents and their supporters, who cannot find anything against him since he claims to “come with a clean record,” and they are trying hard to make up stories which they think would deride his presidential campaign, but would not work.

The former Coca-Cola executive believes that he is being labeled as ‘gay’ because he comes with a vision that is geared towards improving the socio-economic conditions of the Liberian people — something that his opponents lack.

Cummings clarification comes as homosexuality is illegal in Liberia, as societal attitudes are generally hostile toward the practice of such a lifestyle.  

The allegations, which gained momentum during the political campaign in 2017, have the potential to seriously hit Cummings presidential campaign again, and it seems now that he is not willing to let that happen.

Cummings, whose political campaign has been garnering serious support from a diverse array of citizens, has faced both admiration and criticism from various segments of the population. 

His promises of economic revitalization, as well as improved education and healthcare have resonated with many Liberians who seek a better future. But the allegation of being ‘gay’ is the most serious threat to his presidential ambition, as political rivals exploit it as the majority of the population is against electing a gay president.

“So, the truth is, if they can’t blame you for being corrupt, or refer to you as a man who fought a war, they’ll find or try by all means to lie about you. And those who see me in said path as gay are all nonsense people.

“There is nowhere I have ever come up to support gay practice, and I will not do that even if I win the 2023 elections because it’s not healthy and encouraging at all,”   Cummings argued as he vehemently denied the gay rumors as well as being a supporter of the practice.”

According to Cummings, the allegations and smear campaign are meant to discourage supporters from voting for him come October 10, but he called on Liberians not to downplay the allegation and focus on the policy substances.

Cummings noted that he has never been a fan of gay rights, will never be, and has no intention of legalizing homosexuality if he is elected President.

Meanwhile, Rev. Dominion Roberts of the Kingdom Legislators has claimed that he and other like-minded pastors were endorsing Cummings for “his quest to see a better Liberia,”

Roberts noted that Cummings is a man of Godly values, character, and competence, and  the only person capable of lifting Liberia and all Liberians out of poverty, and that “they will not be silent in this electoral process.” 

“We will mobilize and rally the support of all their churches and various pastoral groups around Cummings. We will not relent in our effort as we guide our Parishioners in how to vote and who to vote for.

“Let me conclude by saying to all Liberians, let us get it right this time,” Roberts said. “This election will be the beginning of the rise of this nation, depending on how we vote.”

Roberts added that the purpose of the occasion was to solicit and rally the support of thousands of Pastors in Bong County for the presidential bid of  Alexander Cummings.

He described Cummings and Cllr. Charlyne Bruskine as  “a new breed without greed — who, when entrusted with Leadership,” the country would rise.