Liberia: Cummings Pleads for Opposition Unity to Address Elections Issues

Alexander Cummings



The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander Cummings, has warned that the outcome of the October 10 general and presidential elections is at risk, requiring timely interventions by all stakeholders to ensure they are free, fair, and transparent.

Cummings said, besides ensuring the new elections timetable is strictly adhered to, the Census debacle, the newly introduced biometric system of voting, and the issue of adequate funding for the electoral process should address the concerns of stakeholders, including opposition political leaders and international partners.

“[I am] pleading with  opposition politicians and political parties for unity in purpose to  address these challenges, which if ignored, have the potential to undermine the credibility of the October 10 elections and put the country’s democracy at risk,”  Cummings said in a plea to  his opposition colleagues when he spoke on Sky FM 50-50 yesterday

“The urgent and timely resolution of these  issues which are critical to the conduct and outcome of the October 10 elections will certainly avert any eventuality of court litigation,” he said.

According to Cummings, politicians outside of the ruling establishment should be concerned about the inadequate funding of the electoral process by the government,  while working together “to guarantee that the outcomes of the elections truly reflect the will and aspirations of the Liberian people,”. 

On the general outlook and economic wellbeing of the Liberian people and nation, Cummings spoke of the unbearable hardship and suffering endured by the vast majority and the insensitivity of the President and few public officials living extravagant lifestyles. 

The CPP Standard Bearer said even officials in the Weah's administration have publicly detested and denounced the terrible economic conditions, extreme suffering and poverty, which the masses are  enduring as well as the filthy conditions of Monrovia and other cities across the country. 

“Amidst the deplorable living conditions, the president wickedly cut the salaries of  civil servants and after five years only to realize and admit that over 15,000 were being paid below government minimum wage,” Cummings said. 

“That a government is paying its employees below its own wage standards speaks to how disconnected the president is from the suffering majority of our destitute population. The President's acknowledgement of civil servants salary cuts as an act of deception and hoped that his promises to return their money will be speedily executed to relieve them of the extreme suffering and poverty.” 

Cummings said as Liberians move to elections, there are reports that the Weah's administration is using public resources to appease voters for his reelection. 

He however urged Liberians to take and eat their money because it's their own money after all, but must exercise great judgment and reject them at the ballot box, come October 10. 

Meanwhile, the CPP Standard Bearer also pleaded with Liberia's international partners and stakeholders, including ECOWAS and the Liberian government, to ensure timely and adequate funding of the electoral process that will guarantee free, fair, and transparent conduct of the October 10 general and presidential elections.